Stunt Kites

These powerful kites can be flown on two or four lines, performing tricks and maneuvers at speeds of 60 mph or more. Take your kite for a spin at the beach or the park when you're in the mood for some excitement!

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More about stunt kites

What is a stunt kite?

  • A stunt kite is used for creating tricks and patterns in the sky.
  • Stunt kites allow for people to guide their kites through dazzling tricks!
  • These kites can generate impressive speeds as you guide them through the air, some kites can even fly over 60mph!

Who is it good for?

  • Stunt Kites are perfect for people who are looking to test the limits of flight!  
  • If you’re looking for a kite upgrade to show off your newly learned tricks, this is the style of kite for you!
  • These kites are used to make smooth maneuvers in the sky while broadcasting their vibrant colors.
  • Skilled kite flyers are recommended for these kites, however, it’s not hard to master flying one of these kites!

Where to fly?

  • With stunt kites, it is recommended that you choose to fly them in a very open area.  
  • Beach, park, or a large backyard works great for these kites.  Just make sure not to land your kite into a nearby spectator!

Can a kid fly a stunt kite?

  • Absolutely!  While these kites demand quite a bit more skill for a controlled flight, it’s not hard to learn the maneuvers necessary!
  • It is recommended that children who fly these kites have enough strength to hold the kites, or else the line could slip from their hands and fly away.