Frequently Asked Questions

We know sometimes you have questions, and were here to help! We put together our most frequently asked questions that might steer you in the right direction. And if you want to talk to someone directly, our online sales team is available at


Orders and Shipping

Also find our shipping policy page here.

Q- Why has my tracking not updated/Where is my package?


Often times because of the heavy volume of packages in transit a Carrier fails to scan a package in which does not update the tracking. Unfortunately there is no rhyme or reason for this And we have seen packages go all the way from shipped to delivered and the only update on tracking is when the package is out for delivery.  These particular situations also cause some delays.


If you do come into a situation where you're tracking hasn't updated for a few days since it's been fullfilled, we suggest submitting a package inquiry directly with the Carrier using your tracking number and generally that will get the package moving. 


If it has been over a week at that point you can submit a missing package claim and we will also. Only after a missing package claim has been accepted can we issue a refund or a reshipment of your order.


Q- I did not get an order confirmation but it took payment.


Sometimes our automated confirmation emails get stuck in spam or just get blocked entirely by your email provider. If you email us at with this inquiry and the name the order was placed under our online sales team can pull up your information and resend the confirmation email.


Q- I did not get a tracking number.


Sometimes our automated emails get stuck in spam or just get blocked entirely by your email provider. If you email us at with this inquiry and the name the order was placed under our online sales team can pull up your information and get you your tracking number.



Q- Why did it not apply free shipping to my order?


Our shipping it set up to charge automatically for orders under $75 (and excluded oversized items). If it is still charging shipping, you may have used a promo code that dropped your total under the $75 or you are purchasing an oversized item.


Q- Why is my promo code not working?


Our promo codes are set up under automatic parameters and the only reasons they would not work is if you've used that promo code before or you already have a promotional or bundle deal in your cart. No coupons or promo codes can be combined with any other.



Q- What is the easiest kite to fly?


Delta kites (named after their delta triangle shape) are hands down the easiest and most stable flyer of any design. These kites generally fly in about 4-5mph winds up to about 18-20mph depending on the exact size. Just remember the smaller the kite the less surface area it has, so the more wind it needs to lift. On the other had the larger the kite the more surface area it has and the less wind it takes to fly.


Q- Do the kites come with everything I need? String? Bag?


Generally all kites come with a reusable packaging with the exception of some kites by Xkites/Brainstorm/Windnsun - these packages are hard plastic and are almost impossible to reuse. We do suggest taking a look at our reusable kite totes for small kites.

Most all of our kites come with a small amount of basic line, but it's generally not very strong so if you are flying in higher winds or open areas like the beach, we recommend you pick up some spare line. Most kites under 6ft wingspan will be fine with 50lb, 500ft line like our yoyo flight rings. (Most kites only come with maybe 25lb test 150ft)

Most all of our larger kites do not come with string. Kites 9ft to about 10ft are generally good on 90lb test like our 90lb by 500ft yoyo winder. But keep in mind big kites pull so if you worry you can always increase the lb test of line used to 150lb.

Big kites over 10ft to about 15ft can be flown on 150lb by 500ft line. These kites will pull a good deal so wear gloves and consider your windspeed as you can upgrade to 250lb test line for caution.

Big kites from about 16ft to 19ft should be flown with caution. These kites should be securely anchored before launching and at least 250lb test line used.

Show Kites, Sleds and large ultrafoils are massive and should never be flown alone, should always be anchored before flying and gloves should be worn. Kites that are 19ft generally fly with 500lb test kite line and kites bigger than that can use anywhere from 800lb to 1,500lb kite line

All stunt kites come with everything you need and are a complete package. You can always upgrade your line sets and find replacement stunt kite line here!

Q- How Do You Assemble The Wooden Whirly Mobiles?

We have a great video here on how to assemble these wonderful hand made wooden whirlygigs: Our wooden whirly mobiles by Nomads... - Kitty Hawk Kites

Returns and Damages

Please find our full return policy here.

Kite Repairs

Most of our kite repairs are custom cut - meaning we do not have stock parts for all kites ready to ship and may need some measurements, photos, etc to verify the part needed without requesting the kite sent to us. For all repair needs please email us directly at or contact us here including a photo of the kite, any broken parts you may have, and any branding/model name if you know it.

For repair needs specifically for BRAINSTORM, WINDNSUN, XKITES please reach out directly to