Power Kites

Harness the force of the wind with a power kite. The paraglider technology gives these kites the strength to pull you on a ski, snowboard, buggy or your bare feet. With two, three, or four lines---the wings will self-inflate and provide enough power to fuel your adventurous side.

Information on Power Kites

What is a Power Kite?

  • A power kite is a style of kite that generates an impressive amount of wind power behind their flight.
  • These kites are used to create speeds for recreational activities that require a source of power to operate.
  • Made from durable materials, these kites are designed to withstand strong winds and generate an abundance of power.

Who is it good for?

  • These kites are perfect for experienced kite fliers that are interested in expanding their kite flying abilities.
  • These kites work great for people that are looking to get into kiteboarding, kite surfing, or kite buggying.
  • These sports require large kites that can generate enough force to pull the flier to high speeds.

Where to fly?

  • These kites fly great in conditions with strong winds.  
  • When people fly Power kites, they are looking to collect as much wind power as they can to generate speed on their kite board or kite buggy.

What size is right for me?

  • For beginners looking for a good place to start, a small two line kite is recommended.
  • For experienced kite fliers looking for an immediate challenge, a large quad line kite is perfect for them.
  • The larger the kite is, the more power is allowed to be generated behind the wind.