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Super fast, super responsive, super fun!

There’s a new little speed demon on this side of the galaxy! The all-new Neutrino is super quick and super responsive – a twitch of the fingertip is all it takes for radically fast loops and spins as it rips through the sky. It’s a clean sheet redesign of the world famous Micron, with a bunch of new features for all kinds of new fun.

Snap on the long streamer tail to trace acrobatics in the sky. Ready for an extra challenge? Try flying single-handed with the dual-purpose winder/control handle. Can you fly one kite in each hand?

When you really want to impress a crowd, clip two, three or more Neutrinos together in a synchronized stack (add-on stacker kites are not included). Individual stacker kites are available ready to go with no stack lines to tie, and there’s even a custom bag available for purchase to store your stack fully assembled for quick launch when the time is right.

Packaged Weight: 0.4375 lbs
Packed Size: 31.5 × 5.5 × 1 in
Wing Span: 39" (100 cm)
Wind Range: 5–25 mph
Frame: Pultruded Carbon
Sail: Ripstop Nylon, Mylar Laminate
Flying Lines: 75' x 50 lb Dyneema®

What’s the difference between the Neutrino and the Micron?
The Neutrino is a completely new, clean-sheet design with the same wingspan as the Micron. The only frame parts it shares with the Micron are the leading edge rod and the spine rod. The Neutrino is just as fast, but more stable and easier to control, with precise tracking and minimal oversteer. With just four rather than five stack lines it’s easier to stack, and no bridle or stack line adjustments are required for stacking.
Can a beginner fly the Neutrino?
Yes. A motivated beginner can learn to fly it in medium winds if they can keep their hands together and use small wrist movements for control. The long streamer tail slows the kite a bit and makes it much easier to track as you steer. The longer lines (75’ vs the Micron’s 50’) also give you more time to react. You’ll crash more often as you learn, but the solid carbon frame is tough enough to take plenty of hits without breaking.
How do I stack more than one Neutrino?
Stacking is easy with four parallel stack lines that run between the spreader fittings. Each stack line clips to the leading edge with a special clip so attaching additional kites is a snap. Stacker kites are available separately at a lower cost if you want to build a dedicated stack. They come with the streamer tail and stack lines installed in place of the standard bridle, but don’t include flying lines, winder or travel sleeve.
How many kites can I stack?
We’re waiting to find out! We fly six regularly and you could certainly stack more. The world record for the Micron is 50 kites and we have no doubt that someone will get inspired to beat that record soon! For very large stacks, you may want to make a stiffer frame for the lead kite to reduce distortion from the strong pull.
Can I buy stack lines separately?
Yes. Stack line kits with four lines and attachment clips are available in Accessories.
How does the Neutrino Pro Stack bag work?
It’s a triangular bag designed to hold your stack assembled flat so it’s quick to deploy and easy to put away. Just remove the standoffs and zip your kites into the bag, which also has zippered mesh pockets for linesets, tails and accessories. Holds a stack of up to 12 kites.
How hard is it to fly with one hand using the control handle?
Easier than you might think! Give it a try by hooking the finger straps into either side of the dual-purpose winder. Since the Neutrino takes small control motions to fly, the handle is sized perfectly for easy control and for some people it actually makes it easier to control. Looking for even more challenge? Try flying one kite in each hand!
Do I need stronger lines to fly stacks?
Stacks pull harder, so you’ll want a longer, stronger set of flying lines for bigger stacks and stronger winds. We’ve had good luck flying up to three kites on the standard lines in light to medium winds. 85’ x 90# or 85′ x 150# Dyneema line would be appropriate for larger stacks or stronger winds.
What’s the extra bridle leg from the lower spreader fitting for?
It keeps the main bridle legs from getting tangled behind the spine when the kite is on the ground.
Are small kites easier to fly?
Small kites are faster, more responsive, and typically require more wind. That makes them more challenging for beginners learning the basics, even though smaller kites typically cost less. Full-sized kites like the Quantum are easier to learn with because they take larger motions and respond more slowly. They’re also more stable in light winds, with a stronger pull that helps send feedback down the line as you practice finer control. Larger kites are easier to learn tricks with by giving you more time to react and more stability.

Customer Reviews

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Phil Migliorino
Prism neutrino

Excellent higher wind kite.. quality built and fast in higher winds..alot of fun..I have alot of stunt kites and this is a regular flyer for me.. everything I have bought from kitty hawk kites has been great ..along with good service and fast shipping...

Tanner B
Awesome kite!

I started flying on Monday of this week after purchasing a prism jazz for myself and a single line kite for my son, the jazz was so awesome that I was researching more kites to buy for my week and decided to buy the neutrino, this thing is insanely fun to fly, it’s a little tough to get the hang of but once you do, you’ll be doing loops and dives in no time. Highly recommend buying a jazz or bigger to learn with as this little kite can be more difficult to control! Perfect hobby for the beach! The kitty hawk kites in Duck NC and in Corolla NC are awesome places to get started! Planning to purchase another before departure!

Great little Sport Kite

I initially bought this for my grandson but I steal it from him whenever he’s not looking. Definitely the smallest Sport Kite we have but is very, very fun to fly. In winds > 10 mph becomes extremely responsive and can do simple tricks (dive bombing, multi looping, figure 8’s) MUCH faster than a larger Sport Kite can. In higher winds is extremely fast and more delicate hand movements are required to keep it under control but you can attach it’s 50’ tail (nice addition) and it will allow for easier hand controlling. It’s very compact and you can easily carry it by hand or bike to your favorite field or beach. It is not the type of Sport Kite for doing the type of tricks you can find on the “PRISM” YouTube
“advanced flying” video series but it is quite capable of beginning flying techniques and basic tricks (that you can find on the “Zen Sense” beginner’s guide also on YouTube). All in all it is one of my “keepers” and if your into showing off at the beach the ability to stack the kites to fly in formation always gets a lot of attention. For such a little fella I have been impressed by its robust has survived many a high speed crash without any major damage. Bottom line - a fun Sport Kite to have.

Karl R
Kitty Hawk Kites are the best.

I bought a Neutrino and 2 add on neutrinos to stack.
I have yet had time to fly them but Kitty Hawk Kites shipped fast and packaged them very nice. No damage at all. I will buy from them again for sure.
Thanks KHK!

Jamie Antosh

Awesome little kite. Fast and responsive. Now all that I need are more windy days. Fast shipment / totally satisfied with my order from kittyhawk and will no doubt purchase from them again!!!!

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