UGears 3D Differential Model Kit - Kitty Hawk Kites Online Store
UGears 3D Differential Model Kit
UGears 3D Differential Model Kit
UGears 3D Differential Model Kit
UGears 3D Differential Model Kit
UGears 3D Differential Model Kit
UGears 3D Differential Model Kit - Kitty Hawk Kites Online Store
UGears 3D Differential Model Kit
UGears 3D Differential Model Kit
UGears 3D Differential Model Kit
UGears 3D Differential Model Kit
UGears 3D Differential Model Kit

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UGears 3D Differential Model Kit

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  • DIFFERENTIAL model kit is the mechanism without which you cannot turn a vehicle around. Two drive wheels mounted on the same axle can rotate at a different rate and can thus cover a different distance at the same time. This mechanical toy is a miniature version of the main part of the transmission mechanism of a car. It improves its manoeuvrability and performance. Similar to other UGears construction kits for adults and children, this educational toy has an iconic design and it moves.
  • EDUCATIONAL ENTERTAINMENT: The UGears STEM LAB helps educate kids while theyre having fun. Our building toys unveil the basic concepts of science, technology, engineering and maths, and help children relate to things in the real world. The hands-on experience of putting things together is much more fun and made easier because each mechanism is fully explained. Try and assemble UGears science kits for children and adults either by yourself or in a pleasant company.
  • Gain LIFE-LONG SKILLS and KNOWLEDGE: This new collection of 3D puzzles and construction toys is UNIQUE because it is all about mechanisms in common use like gears, differentials and transmissions as well as their application in real life. Our science kits prepare children to stay with it and persevere with their tasks, helping to increase their frustration tolerance. All you need is in the box, no glue or cutting required.
  • GORGEOUS GIFT BOX: Featuring an elegant convenient cardboard packaging, UGears science kits make for an exclusive gift for both kids and adults. Our STEM toys will spark a desire for more knowledge and thus provide many hours of quality time. Our construction kits for adults and children also make splendid pieces of home decor.
  • INTERACT WITH MECHANICAL MODELS: Increase your assembling experience with the new, mind-blowing UGears AUGMENTED REALITY App. Point your tablet or mobile phone at a fully assembled STEM-lab model and the app will show you various applications of the mechanism youve just built. Expand the boundaries of your knowledge, order UGears STEM Lab 3D puzzles NOW!

Have a great time building a marvel of engineering with
collection of educational mechanical models for children and adults that will
give you a hands-on experience and make you more familiar with a science like
physics or engineering. Learn about items of common use like gears and
transmissions as well as their practical application in real life. STEM LAB
model kits provide you with many hours of pleasure, turning the acquisition of
knowledge into a joyous experience for both children and adults. Authenticated
educational product Learn how widely-used mechanisms work and discover how
they˪re used in real life! Enjoy the impressive cardboard GIFT BOX and the NEW
Augmented Reality App: build your model download the app point and align the
image on the screen with the model interact in Augmented Reality mode Package
includes: wooden boards with pre-cut parts and other supplies a pocket model˪s
study guide a detailed colour instruction manual is enclosed QR-code to UGEARS
AR Application. New exciting features from UGEARS to make your learning
experience even more fascinating! Read more The pendulum is a straightforward
and reliable device for timekeeping. Its working principle is based on the
model's constant oscillation amplitude caused by the force of gravity (weight)
and the potential energy of the rubber band. The rubber band powers the
mechanism of the model and compensates for the kinetic energy loss while the
pendulum oscillates. The device is driven by means of a gear unit with a wind-
up wheel. Pendulums are used in mechanical clocks as an element of the launch
mechanism and to assure a steady rate of ticking. In music, metronomes use
pendulums to help musicians practice playing to a regular pulse. Pendulums are
also used in geological surveys, in seismography, sports and during lab
research in mechanics and physics. The gearbox is a miniature of the car
transmission mechanism that transfers torque from the engine's crankshaft to
the wheels. Once you have assembled the Gearbox, you can experiment with the
UGears manual gearbox in turns. You have several options: You can choose I,
II, III, or use the reverse gear with a kinematic pair of gears with different
ratios. By rotating the actuator handle clock-wise, you can watch and control
the rotation speed of the layshaft and drive shaft. There are three forward
gears meaning layshaft and gears rotate with increasing speed, and there is
one reverse gear. In Position ÀœNÀ both clutch gears of layshaft remain
uncoupled and idling; the First Gear makes the layshaft and gears rotate with
the lowest speed; the Second Gear lets the drive shaft along with the flywheel
rotate with average speed and the Third Gear allows the layshaft and all gears
rotate with the highest speed. Switch on the Reverse gear and see how the
driving clutch gear moves towards gear ÀœRÀ The differential was designed to
ensure that a vehicle is able to turn a corner as the inside wheel and the
outside wheel never cover the same distance when performing a turn. So the
wheels, mounted on the same axle, need to rotate at a different rate. Without
a differential, going into and going out of turns would be impossible. So this
mechanism allows drivers to turn a vehicle without the wheels starting to
skid. It prevents tyre wear and stops a wheel from dragging. Having assembled
the differential, you can unblock it by pushing the lever in position 1 (up).
You can set both wheels in motion by rotating the drive gear. The control
lever regulates the smooth locking of the left and right wheels independently
by turning left or right respectively. In the ÀœdownÀ position of the lever,
both wheels are linked in a rigid coupling and can either rotate together
(propelled by the drive gear or a wheel) or are locked in place simultaneously
(by the lever of the wheel). The counter model does what it says: It registers
repetitive actions. It is an integral part of a device called an ÀœodometerÀ.
The model features three cylinder gears with numbers from 0 to 9 and a Geneva
drive. The Counter provides two options for registering data, a click-button
on the top and a handle on the side. All in all, the three-digit display of
the Counter can register values from 1 to 999. Nowadays counters are used to
count the number of passengers, visitors of different events, cars passing
certain check point, sets and scores in sport or items on a production line.
6.6 inPackage size: 4.5 3.3 6.6 inParts count: 92Assembly time: hrs: 1-2
The mechanism of the Pendulum is composed of: an escapement wheel, a needle
indicator, the pendulum itself with the anchor, a pendulum bob GEARBOX Model
size: 5.1 3.9 4.3 inPackage size: 8.1 7.4 2.5 inParts count:
120Assembly time: hrs: 1-2 The mechanism of the Gearbox is composed of: gear
shifting lever, layshaft, reverse idle, gear bearing, drive shaft, actuator
handle DIFFERENTIAL Model size: 6.9 5.3 4.1 inPackage size: 8.1 7.4
2.5 inParts count: 92Assembly time: hrs: 1-2 The mechanism of the differential
is composed of: the drive gear, a locking lever, the side gear, the locking
clutch, a wheel COUNTER Model size: 5.3 2.6 4.8 inPackage size: 8.1 7.4
2.5 inParts count: 157Assembly time: hrs: 1-2 The mechanism of the Counter
is composed of: a click-button to register values, cylinder gears with
numbers, the Geneva drive, a handle to register values Read more Make your
learning experience even more fascinating and discover how clever you are and
how creative you can be!

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