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Love wind sock. It’s pretty

Fantastic little kitty cat wind art

Just like any Kitty Hawk Kite product, this wind kite stays together in high winds ( like we have here in Nace VA) and performs beautifully and adds whimsy to the area where we have several of these together.

Hoffmann's Bow Kite - Sunrise
James Desrosiers
Hoffman Bow Kite

Received on time, well packaged and in fair condition. The product should have been inspected upon receipt by Kittyhawk Kites and stocked in a plastic bag. It was shipped to me with shelf dust and a small cut in the storage bag. This is something I would overlook normally but when I spend over $200 for a kite, I expect nothing but the best.
The kite itself is perfect, minor tuning to get it to fly ideally and very easy assembly in the wind.
This kite is very whimsical and looks like nothing else in the sky. It flys straight with very little deviance.
This is a low aspect ratio kite that flies high above at a very steep angle. I look forward to better skies with ample light so I can take a photo that captures its brilliant colors.


We are so sorry about the cut on the bag. Definitely something we don't make a habit of doing and will be adding an extra step before shipping to look out for these problems.

Thank you for your review and we hope you enjoy the Bow Kite!

Small but cute

We bought two of these to put by our sea wall to keep geese out of our yard. It seems to be doing that well if it’s somewhat windy. Added bonus, the are very cute!

Running Santa Whirligig
Joseph Wadland

The Running Santa whirligig is a big hit with adults and children alike. Our young grandson couldn't take his eyes off it over Christmas. It is made exceptionally well and is durable in our harsh New England winter. A great product. If you have kids, you need to buy this for your front yard for the holiday season.

Surprisingly Easy to fly

I was skeptical about this large flyer, put it together and was up in less than 10 minutes! Sunset at the athletic fields was a joy with kids and interested spectators.

We're glad to hear that! Large kites are notorious for drawing a crowd wherever they are launched.

2021 KHK Logo Nexus 2.0
Christopher Bauer
Prism is worth it

First Prism coming from other brands. Immediately noticeable how much better this kite is. I went from struggling to axel to accomplishing it within an hour of flying this kite. The other bells and whistles are nice (extra transport bag, velcro tie etc.). One thing to note is on the actual kite vs the store page. The white part of the kite on the store page is actually transparent (way cooler) and the pink is more of a vibrant orange. I dig the colors more in the actual than the store page.

Easy and fun

I got this for my 3 year-old daughter to fly with the help of a parent, and she absolutely loves it! It gets up into the air so easily and the kite is beautiful, colorful and fun to look at. Highly recommend.

Running Santa Whirligig
Mary Ida Piacente

I live in a small dead end street with 6 homes having grammar school children who race. Ack and forth past the kites to see them spin ♥️❗️

Great windsock

Love it.

Retirement gift for a friend

I bought this for a friend in Europe for his retirement as he had just bought a kayak. Because of the pandemic he has not been able to enjoy his kayak so I thought he could get vicarious pleasure looking at this in his yard. He put it up immediately and has been enjoying it.

"Big Daddy Crab "

Met the Family of large and smaller crabs at a Kite Festival in Myrtle Beach this past October.
The large 3M are a blast to watch. Much like the 1M kids, they will bounce left and right and
also kick their hind legs. I had to have one of these big guys and ordered one from KHK.
He looked great joining my 4 - 1M kids. I set them up in various settings. 2 of the kids left and
right of Big Daddy. 4 angled off alongside the 3M, or just about any way you want. In configuring,
make sure you they are set not blocking the direct air flow of each other. In winds over 10-12MPH,
the 3M will be having so much fun bouncing around, he will eventually pull out the anchoring stake,
especially in soft sand. I know this for a fact. I now use the stuff bag filled with sand and bury it for a
more secured anchor. Have fun !

Rainbow Flip Box Kite
Peggy Thornton

I haven't even opened it because it's a Christmas present. While on vacation, I saw someone flying one on the beach. The colors were very vibrant and everyone was enjoying watching it. She let me try hers and it was so easy to use. I purchased mine that day. Anxious for my grandkids to try it out. Definitely give it 5 stars. I plan to purchase more.

Highway 12 Metallic Sticker
Dave Exelbert
nice quality

it's a high quality sticker. i bought it for my motorcycle windscreen. worth the 5$, and not the same stupid white oval OBX sticker every other person has.

5 O'Clock Somewhere 40 Inch Windsock

Bright and colorful and have hopes it will help keep the deer out of the citrus!

This was the best kite!!!!

We ordered this one and a dragon which was 3D. Both were great however, this one was so easy and was perfect for a beginner. We had lots of people on the beach ask where we got it because we were having so much fun with it.

Breyer is a nice gift

For the younger kids, this plush piece is a nice starter to the Breyer product line. It is well made and a worthy gift.

Original Bogg Bag
Kathryn Bermingham
Love it!

Arrived quickly! Can't wait to use it!

Octopus WiggleKite
aloft at Ocracoke

so much fun!

It is a replacement for one which lasted 14 years in East Tennessee.

Love to see this thing spinning when I have my morning java. We enjoyed the first one and this one looks to be a dead ringer for the one that fell prey to UV, squirrels, and chipmunks. We have 4 definite seasons that arrive within a week or so of the expected dates. They are generally mild.

Heritage Coastal Lights of North Carolina Jigsaw Puzzle
C Denney
Great Puzzle

Good sturdy quality. Challenging puzzle.

19 FT Radiant Peace Delta Kite
I want one!

I want one?

Beautiful and well balanced kite! I have flown it few times and everyone in our neighborhood loved it. Thanks!

Original Bogg Bag
Tracey Haynes
Bogg Bag

This is a Xmas gift for my niece. I have one and use it in so many ways—toting this and that! I’m sure as a college student, she will find it quite useful!

Harvest Camper Suede Garden Flag
Victoria Letteriello
Great quality!

Great quality flag. Will definitely purchase from them again.