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Big Crab - Big hit !!

This is a great ground kite. People love it !! I do too.

Great easy flyer

easily assembled Flys steady in light and brisk wind , evan has a place to connect a center tail.

I love this item !!!

This decoration is great. My second one, the first lasted 10 Years. Looks great, vibrant colors, and the wing motion is great.

Convenient and Compact

This a small reel so it's easy to stow but requires a lot of wraps to get the line back on. The line is twisted but not bonded so care must be taken to avoid introducing twists which could result in kinks or untwisting the line. 300 feet of 50 pound line is long and strong enough for most kites. The price makes this reel a bargain.


Red Baron is in my 5th grade history classroom ceiling with 2 other of your planes. Even thr principal loved it!

Vision stunt kite.

Love this kite, have a few different models. This company is great, will buy again.

Pretty but....

We really like the look and size of this spinner. However we have not seen it spin both wheels at the same time. The one pointed into the wind spins but the second one behind it doesn't get enough air to spin. This even when the winds are pretty high, like 20+ mph.

Ground Stake for Kites
Rick Daughenbaugh
Great tool to carry.

I used to use a stick that I would find on the ground to serve the purpose of holding my kite strings while I walk back to attach the kite. Failing to find a good stick sometimes, I upped my game to a dowel rod, which works pretty good except for when you had real hard ground.
I bought this stake the last time I bought a brand new kite just figuring that it would work better than a dowel rod.
I like that it has a colored flag on it so I can see where it's at after I take my straps off and fly my kite and I haven't misplaced it yet and I've used it several times.
I might just buy a couple more just so that I've got them with me and they're cheap enough.
I have not had the opportunity to use them in the sand yet we'll see soon.

Vega Airplane Wind Spinner
Margaret Winkler
Bought it for my husband

Bought it for my husband , he loves it it is holding up well ,

Used it once so far, great product, easy to use with prism kite, people enjoyed watching it fly.

Good Stuff

My old brand of sunscreen is out of production. I saw this on the the Kitty Hawk web site and because the specs were very similar to what I had been using I gave it a try. It's a thick white cream with very little scent. It goes on heavy but soaks in well so the white color doesn't last long but the protection does. It provides excellent protection and doesn't wash off easily. it's not as convenient as aerosols, and you won't smell like a coconut but you won't feel like you've been roasted after you've been to the beach either.
I highly recommend this product, especially on vulnerable, exposed areas and when swimming.

Macaw Easy Flyer Kite
Kristin Deitrick
100% Easy Fun

We bought this kite in 2009 and now repurchasing.
Very durable and lots of fun!

Got to get the whole set. Cool little kites.

This Kite Wants To FLY

I swear I could fly this kite in my living-room with a fan! It simply wants to fly and when you reel it in on a day with a good ground-wind, it doesn't want to touch down! Beautiful in the sky and now I also ordered the companion kite, DUSK. Can't wait to see them both flying high! Fun to launch and fly, as well as fun to use on a ground-tether so you can sit back sit back and enjoy.

Flying Pig 23 Inch Wind Spinner
Arianna Ponessa
Flying Pig Spinner

Adorable! Holding up surprisingly well!

Such a great kite

It’s big, flashy, and easy to fly. Everything I wanted in a kite!

Zenith 5 Delta Kite

Love this kite, the 200 feet of line is plenty to enjoy on a windy day, it doesn't take a lot of wind to keep this kite up. Thanks

Flying Dragon Wind Spinner

I Love this spinner! Very Whimsical. Vibrant colors.
It's a replacement for one I've had for over 10 yrs. It was outside year round in wind, rain, and sun. It slowly faded, yet never fell apart! Great buy!

Prism Rainbow 20ft Tube Tail
Kathryn Knackstedt
Very cool tail

It was a super fun addition to our kite. The tail was vibrant and easy to attach.

Love My Basset

I love my basset spinner. I have two basset hounds (Reba & Dolly) and love the fact that they have spinners for the basset breed. I buy a new one each year at Kitty Hawk Kites so that I can always have a display. Thanks for carrying them.

Fantastic Kite

Ordered the Patriotic Festive Sky Delta Kite Pkg. It was beautiful in the sky. Great customer service! I needed special delivery and replacement on a part that was damaged in shipping. Both issues were addressed promptly and professionally.

Beautiful kite but some serious issues

The kite setup is great, super simple.
The kite itself is amazing looking, haven't quite measured it yet but 10 feet might be pushing it
However, the downside is the kite is already fraying after about 2 hours total in winds of about 7mph.

We really enjoy the kite as much as we do visiting Cape Hatteras in the summertime.

Best dragon 🐉 kite 🪁 2021

The dragon 🐉 kite is amazing I take to the park or the beach and I always get people taking pictures of it I wish they can make more bigger that would be amazing 😻

KHSC Long Sleeve T-Shirt
andy wead

Awesome product!

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