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Patches the Cat

This kite was so easy to fly. We used all our kites that we purchased through Kitty Hawk at the Minneapolis Kite Festival at Lake Harriet.


Great seller with fast shipping! Love this cute lil' tie dye spinner!

Fly high

Haven’t had a chance to fly yet. I know it will look awesome! Just hope that it last longer than last one

Love them

Gave these as a gift and they love them! I would recommend these to anyone looking for a little added ambience to their yard or porch. Would definitely buy again

Love this!

We love this wind spinner and receive many compliments on it. It adds some whimsy to our front garden all year. We've also given these wind spinners to friends and they were always thrilled.

Excellent Line

Very strong line with no stretch at all! It works wonderfuly on my Arrow XL, even in 25+ mph gusts. Great customer support as well, highly recommend! YouTube video placeholder
Fit For A Queen

Our good Friend in Richmond is from Wales and always wanted a Corgi. As circumstances changed, she got her "Forever Dog". A perfect companion. This little guy has the same markings as hers and the neighbors love it. She gets to educate them on the breed as well as the fact it was Queen Elizabeth's favorite dog. Definitely puts a smile on everyone's face.


I bought my Tantrum 220 at Kittyhawk kites and have flown it about 10 times now. It is loads of fun and can pull very hard. I previously had a 1.3m foil kite and the Tantrum 220 is an excellent next step or even a good starting kite as long as you don’t take it in winds over 20mph. The kite could pull with 150lbs of force in winds stronger- I did, and landed on my face! Still I’d recommend. It has a straight bar with wrist leash, nice carrying bag although not as well made as the kite itself. Bring two water bottles with you to weigh down the tail edge of the kite before unwinding lines and flying. Tons of fun highly recommended.

Love it!!!!

I absolutely love my outer Banks striped baffled Anchor ⚓ hoodie it's so very comfortable and I get a lot of compliments on it 🥰 would most definitely buy it again love it❣️

Great Kite and once in the air easy to handle

Great spinner!

Bought as a Christmas gift for my son. He loved it. Looks great in the yard.

Corgi Spinner

The spinner is bigger than the previous one I purchased at another store. The spinner works well and it looks as described.

Fun to fly, great beach attraction.

Great kite, flys nicely in 12-15 kts of wind. Very easy to manage. We used the medium sand bag to hold it. Flew in the Caribbean winds perfectly.

I purchased the same wind chimes in your store in 2006.
These are replacing the ones I previously purchased because the string broke. I love the sound.

Original Bogg Bag
Connie Reece
Great service

Received it promptly with no problem. Will have to wait til Christmas to know if she loves it.

He's coming to town

I am in the process of getting a spinner from here for every holiday, I already had a zombie with spinning arms, and this is just as amazing. Easy to assemble, very durable, and Santa is out in my front yard outrunning Forrest Gump!

Love this kite

I bought this kite as a gift, the 5th I've given to others. I already have 3 of these and they are fantastic kites. Smooth, predictable, and graceful. My favorite kites to fly for years now.


Wonderful color

Delightful, sea turtle windchime

I love this windchime. It is of excellent quality and has a delightful tinkling chime.

Beautiful garden flag!

I purchased this mermaid flag for my friend who lives at the beach and loves mermaids. We both love the it glistens in the sun. It’s beautifully designed and perfect for a mermaid lover!

The "Dragon"

This is a framed kite of decent size and highly recommend a preflight assembly indoors before flying. Instructions are pretty good and when put together, everything will make sense.
You will definitely understand when you go out to fly and put
that flapping Dragon together on the windy flying field.
Face the Dragon headfirst, belly down into the wind when assembling. Have fun !

Freedom Flyer Delta

Purchased for granddaughter to fly on the beach for Thanksgiving. She assembled it incorrectly and it would not get into the air. After reviewing the instructions and correctly connecting the line to the kite it was a beauty on the air. Great kite and definitely a keeper!!!!

Le Frog 4.2 Meter Kite
Mark Heinrich
Croak'n Frog Part 2

Flyers note to add on to review posted 29Aug22.
Have flown in variable wind conditions the last several months.
Unless rock steady constant winds, found the frog likes to
travel far left and right in flying area and eventually will turn
sideways or upside down and finally to the ground. In an attempt
to tame this guy, I launched him the other day using a pilot kite.
That was the answer! What a difference. He still swerves side to side and puts on a great show. Was in the air for hours showing of his flying skills and never once had to relaunch. So if considering adding to your collection, highly recommend to use a pilot kite
for best results.

It's so pretty!

The triple wheel wind spinner is so pretty spinning away in the near-constant breezes here in the Pacific Northwest. We have it on the deck outside of our living room and enjoy it so much!


Bought as gift for high school grandchild. He was pleased to get it but hasn’t, I believe, yet test driven it.