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3D Swan Kite
brian Nowak-Thompson
fun kite, but it's a goose

This kite is easy to fly, 'flaps' it's wings when you pull the string, and we love the running fee fluttering in the wind. But I have to tell you this is not a swan. Everyone sees it as a goose.

Turquoise 18 kt. necklace!

I love my mini turquoise necklace. The stones shine so beautifully. My husband gave it to me as a gift. I was surprised that the gold chain that attaches to the beautiful turquoise, is actually 18 kt. gold! It is very dainty, but extremely beautiful, that can be worn daily!

Colorful Spinner!

I love wind spinners! I thought I'd try a different design and am a little disappointed as it doesn't spin as easily as I'd expected. It does what it should for it's size and design, I wanted MORE, maybe I'll try the longer one next time.

Best kites ever!

I only fly Prism. I own 5 types. The most well made and easy to fly.
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Great kite!

This is a great kite! I bought one of these about 20 years ago. I’m kinda surprised that there aren’t any reviews yet. It’s a great kite and I love flying it. It’s easy to fly and pretty durable. I just picked up a prism quantum and wanted to try it out today but not enough wind, maybe tomorrow. Anyway, this is a great sport that pretty much anyone can do. I’m 71 and really enjoy it. Have fun out there, life is short!


This is our 5th 60" fish, his name is "MOBIE."


Loved all the products from KittyHawkKites.
The speedy winders are excellent.

Excellent Customer Service

The original plane was missing a part. KH Kites was quick to remedy the problem and took a genuine interest in determining what went wrong. Top Notch Customer Service, Thanks.

Red Baron Triplane Kite
David Cunningham
Good looking kite

It was easy to assemble I will be taking it to the beach this summer to fly it.

Good quality.

Good quality, reminder of happy memories. Was in there store when down there, excellent. Waiting now for an out of stock, hoping soon. Corolla Spinner!

Great service!

KHK worked with the great folks at Revolution to turn a Christmas KHK gift certificate into a new Reflex Blast for my “quiver” of kites. It took a bit of back-and-forth emailing, but Lolly and Kendra got it done, and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Just waiting for a bit of wind and a warmer day to get out and fly.


Bright red and twirly


1 have 5 of these and every time they are up at TORRANCE BEACH IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA I get alot of people taking pictures and videos of my ghosts flying hi in the sky.If you see um stop by and say Hi.Happy flying to all of you and be safe.

Mighty sound from a small package

Micro speaker puts out a sound that rivals much larger speakers. It is easy to pair with your device. The volume is easily controlled and is quick to charge. Use this speaker for travel. This is the good stuff .

Patches the Cat

This kite was so easy to fly. We used all our kites that we purchased through Kitty Hawk at the Minneapolis Kite Festival at Lake Harriet.


Great seller with fast shipping! Love this cute lil' tie dye spinner!

Fly high

Haven’t had a chance to fly yet. I know it will look awesome! Just hope that it last longer than last one

Love them

Gave these as a gift and they love them! I would recommend these to anyone looking for a little added ambience to their yard or porch. Would definitely buy again

Love this!

We love this wind spinner and receive many compliments on it. It adds some whimsy to our front garden all year. We've also given these wind spinners to friends and they were always thrilled.

Excellent Line

Very strong line with no stretch at all! It works wonderfuly on my Arrow XL, even in 25+ mph gusts. Great customer support as well, highly recommend! YouTube video placeholder
Fit For A Queen

Our good Friend in Richmond is from Wales and always wanted a Corgi. As circumstances changed, she got her "Forever Dog". A perfect companion. This little guy has the same markings as hers and the neighbors love it. She gets to educate them on the breed as well as the fact it was Queen Elizabeth's favorite dog. Definitely puts a smile on everyone's face.


I bought my Tantrum 220 at Kittyhawk kites and have flown it about 10 times now. It is loads of fun and can pull very hard. I previously had a 1.3m foil kite and the Tantrum 220 is an excellent next step or even a good starting kite as long as you don’t take it in winds over 20mph. The kite could pull with 150lbs of force in winds stronger- I did, and landed on my face! Still I’d recommend. It has a straight bar with wrist leash, nice carrying bag although not as well made as the kite itself. Bring two water bottles with you to weigh down the tail edge of the kite before unwinding lines and flying. Tons of fun highly recommended.

Love it!!!!

I absolutely love my outer Banks striped baffled Anchor ⚓ hoodie it's so very comfortable and I get a lot of compliments on it 🥰 would most definitely buy it again love it❣️

Great Kite and once in the air easy to handle

Great spinner!

Bought as a Christmas gift for my son. He loved it. Looks great in the yard.