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I’ve grown up flying Delta styles stunt kites. This is my first go with a foil style, and the first few flights (in Pennsylvania) were different and fun. I love the sound of speed that emanates from the kite when in flight! Also a terrific trainer for my son as the lack of rigid parts decrease fear of damage with crashes. Can’t wait to get this bad boy to the Outer Banks!

Seagull 3D Bird Kite
Tiffani Averell
Even the seagulls were amazed!

Everyone enjoyed flying this kite. Looks awesome. Great for beach flying.

Great buy

Love this kite. Looking forward to getting it in the wind on our upcoming beach trip.


Seems like a quality flag.

Powerful kite that easy to fly

This kite is a blast to fly and it generates powerful pull that can drag my 175lbs around when the winds are around 15-20mph. Once the kite inflates the air is trapped inside by the one way valves so the kite doesn't collapse at the edge of the wind window which makes it very easy to fly. The entire package is very high quality and I really like this kite when the winds are above 10mph.

Very cute!!!

I had a wonderful heron spinner from Kitty Hawk kites, and it finally wore out after many years of enjoyment.. Saw the kitty on the trike, and in person it's just adorable, and fun to watch in the wind! It was easy to assemble and is a nice size for near my porch! Love it!!

Cardinal wind spinner

Great wind spinner

What! A! Kite!

I loved the Prism Nexus 2.0 so much, that a couple days later I went back to KHK and bought a Quantum 2.0, and I was incredibly impressed by it. Incredibly stable, very responsive, and with their quick adjust bridle, I was able to change the angle of attack to get it doing some very tight turns and loops similar in size to much smaller kites. I even bought a 75 ft tube tail for it and had a lot of fun doing some skywriting. I was worried the tail would make it feel sluggish, but the Quantum 2.0 didn't flinch. Low passes, stalls, and side slides were a breeze to figure out with this kite. This is now my new favorite kite.

Fantastic Kite!

This kite is a real flyer. Due to its rugged frame and strong lines, it can easily handle the OBX winds, which is not the case for all kites this size. It is a very fast and responsive kite that more experienced pilots will love but durable enough for rookie pilots to learn on. It's a bit pricier than some other introductory stunt kites, but in this case, you get what you pay for. I've flown stunt kites for about 30 years, and this one will definitely be one of my go to kites.

Nice Kite

This was my first foil kite, and it was a lot of fun. It took a little bit of adjusting on my part, but once I figured out how to fly in the edges of the wind window with it, and once I started making mostly punch turns, it became more and more fun. I even got my 10 year old son flying it, and after only about 15 minutes, he was able to do some nice power dives and low passes.

EO Atom Box Kite
Sam Adams
South Padre

Transport, preparation are as simple as it gets. Launched well in light wind we (myself and granddaughters 3 and 5) attached it to a beach chair and it flew all afternoon

HQ Kitebag 180cm / 71"
Christine St.Pierre

This bag is perfect for multiple kites (I have 4) plus 7 different lines, handles and stakes.

Great for gifting

Super gift for the person who has everything. Receiver loved it and we had to wait for assembly and insertion in yard (about 10 min) before we could have cake!🎂

Original Bogg Bag
Michelle Ha
Great bag, nice and sturdy

I'm very happy with this bag! It's study, and big enough to packs a ton of things. I love that it doesn't fall over even when full of towels, water bottles, sunscreen. It is perfect for the pool

Beautiful flying airplane kite

Fantastic and very beautiful flying kite, take the advice from kitty hawk kites by purchasing a 50lb kite string with 300ft length: Had the bright p47 red tail kite at 250 ft and with 8mph wind to 18mph it flew perfectly not a single issue. It received a lot of attention do to the bright color

Nothing short of amazing!

I ordered this bag after getting duped a couple of times by other sites claiming to sell real Bogg bags and come to find out they were knockoffs for the same price and even more, coming from China taking 3-4 weeks for delivery. I found Kitty Hawk randomly by doing a Google search for the bags and they had the color I wanted in stock and weren’t trying to scam anyone and had the true retail price! This came to me in OH from NC and got here in 2 days!!! This is the best bag ever, so sturdy and huge and great quality! I would definitely recommend getting yours from Kitty Hawk Kites as they had stellar shipping times, are a US company, and were so fast!! Kudos!! Great customer service!! I got the turquoise color!

Original Bogg Bag
Victoria Horan
Received quickly!

Packaged great, and received quickly. I'm happy with my Bogg bag. And was perfect for our beach vacation.

Great looking tube tail

Works great. Has a good clip and the material is high quality and when I'm done for the day there is a nice bag for storage.

Highway 12 sticket

This is an excellent, quality item that bring back many fond memories of the costal highway. You need to make more of them available!

Baby Bogg Bag
Lisa Taylor

I purchased a Baby Bogg and a Large Bogg to use for travel and beach trips. It's perfect and I absolutely LOVE them!!!! I need one in every color!!!

Original Bogg Bag
Love Love

This is not my 1st Bogg purchase and definitely not my last. I would highly recommend and this new color is beautiful. Kitty Hawk was great as always super fast shipping.

Spins in every direction

Love the way this spinner goes whichever way the wind blows! Of course, the Old Bay logo is awesome!

Great Spinner

Top quality and very cute too! Lots of oohs and ahs from neighbors.

Very nice line for the money. I ordered it just in case and can't wait to use it

10.5ft Manta Kite
Michael Michalek

100% Satisfaction