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Stained Glass

This kite is big and shows up well in the sky. Easy flyer. I staked it and just let her fly! Great kite for the money.

When Pigs Fly Everyone Smiles

Maiden flight last week. Wind about 8mph, looked cute in the sky. People smiled.

Delta Rainbow Rider 2m
Tidy kitey

It go up it go down it go up it go down. Wind blow it go wind stop. Ka plop

It go high
I loss site ah my kite
Whew thats high 😱
It go up it go down
The wind blow so hard
I went up in air like dorthy

Happy life.

I got this wife as she is the real kite flyer. She has wanted one for sometime. She is very happy and that is all that matters.

very good

am well pleased with the yellow ribbon spinner. service from kitty hawk kites is always very good. thank you

Prism Bora 7

I love my kite! It's easy to setup and easy to fly. I flown it on breezy days with out any problems. I did have to fix the bridle as I noticed my kite would lean to the right but after the adjustment no problems. It's an eye catcher for sure. To my surprise it has very little pull to it on strong windy days even my wife can fly it without issues.

Great mid tail

The mid tail is spectacular !

Works Great !

Easy to install and is very sturdy, while remaing flexible.

Wonderful kite!

I’m trying to learn the quad line but this kite is very nice. I will keep at it until I get the basics down. I would highly recommend the folks at kitty hawk.

Well made but too narrow.

This winder seems to be well made and is as advertised but I found it too narrow for consistent winding while looking at the kite instead of the winder.


Picked this kite up at KHK in Nags Head last week. It was a real attention getter at the beach. Bright, patriotic, with a fun spinner. Can't wait to fly it for the 4th of July! The staff at KHK's was friendly and helpful. I plan to splurge there again.

Good for the beach

Our toddler loves to play in the sand with this.

Parrot Paradise Feather Banner 8.5ft
charles coleman
looks great

parrot banner looks great flying in the wind

We love this kite!

We have had some cheapy kites over the years, so, for our Father’s day weekend at the coast I bought this kite. Wow! What a difference! The quality is amazing. We weren’t worried about it breaking because there are no poles. It was so much fun and it wrapped up so nice and lightweight. An easy 5 star review. We love this kite and can’t wait to go back to the coast.

Great Kite

I bought this kite for my 9yr old son. We just went to the beach and tried it out for the 1st time and it was awesome! It didn't take him long at all to learn how to fly out and start doing loops and dives. 10/10 totally recommend this kite.

Rainbow damsel

beautiful and colorful addition to our yard. The wind moves the streamers and spinners . My grandchildren and my wife and I really enjoy looking at the fish through the front windows


Very happy with this very durable wind sock.

Puppy on bike spinner

Absolutely delightful. My wife and I just can’t stop looking at it spinning in the wind. My grandchildren loved it .well made and easy to put together . Love Kitty hawk and all their products .

Awesome kite for the beach!

I’ve flown smaller 2-line kites in the past, but this is my first “real” foil kite. I flew it for 3 days straight at the beach and had so much fun with it. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone less than 100lbs. I’m 155lbs and it pulled me around some. Flying with the bar is very easy and makes those fast, hard pulling dives easier to control.

Nice Kite. Don't expect much from the line and winder.

This is a beautiful well made kite but I don't know why they bothered to include such a cheap line and winder. I would expect something like this included in a basic small diamond kite. I would buy it again and recommend to a friend though.

Great kite

It flew well in variable winds, 2-9mph, and was very steady. I’m glad I added it to my collection.


Broke - shattered at base of the metal top in sustained winds of 22 mph. Worked great for the 5 months I had it.

Great flyer and fun to watch

The red baron is a great flyer and fun to watch. The propeller lazily spins as the kite flies. This kite has a lot of pull. In coastal winds of around 12 mph it is great. Definitely, should not be up in winds greater than 19 mph or so. One of my favorite kites.

KHK Hypnotist

I have several Prism kites, all are high quality in every detail. The Hypnotist is a big strong well mannered kite. This one with the KHK colors is simply spectacular when the sun is on it. Hypnotic? Yep, I think it is.


Being an Army Veteran enjoy having Army decorations in my yard. The triple spinner is a great piece. When the wind blows it is a pleasure to watch it change direction and spin around. We enjoy the spinner very much.