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Wood Cat Whirly Mobile

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Cat whirly mobile. 3 Wood figures, Duck feather tails.

  • Approximately 38" long.
  • Unique and handmade
  • May have a look of wear on the wood, a variety of color difference in some beads or finish due to the nature of these delicate items being handmade; each one may look a little different.

The whirly mobile animals are carved by rice farmers. After long days in the fields and paddies, the members of the village gather with their families for a meal, a rest, and an evening of animal carving. Using primitive tools and techniques, hundreds of identical wood animals are produced. The proceeds from their work provides supplemental income and a way to make a living wage between harvests.

Customer Reviews

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Shannon Murphy-Alterman
Purr-fect outdoor decoration

During my visit to Avon, NC I saw many beautiful, melodic wind chimes. However, living in a small apartment building I didn’t think it neighborly to hang a chime in my outdoor space. And then I saw these, a perfect compromise. The twirling feathers in the wind add a soothing movement to my space. The animal options are charming, I love cats so that’s what I picked for myself. I liked that a portion of the purchase price went back to helping people. The craft that went into carving each animal is wonderful. I even bought one for a friend’s birthday and she loves hers too!

Denise Mansfield

I bought it for a friend for Christmas. She loves it!