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Worldwide, kites and wind spinners demonstrating the highest levels of innovative design and quality have been successfully sold under our trademark of "HQ" (High Quality Design). Our product ranges "power & control", tech & build" and "fun & sport" are now anchored under the new "Invento Just Play" brand and live up to our high quality standards. We complement our own product lines with a wide variety of further toys from international brands, for which we provide sales and marketing services in Germany, Austria and partially further countries: Construction, creative, skill, games, and leisure items of well-known brands from around the world. Our passion for products and different market places, innovation, high quality standards, a cooperative teamwork with our employees and customers and last but not least our environmental protection activities are among the challenges that keep us moving forward. Let us take you on a discovery trip through our exciting catalogues.


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HQ Kites & Designs USA is a national sales and distribution company located Powells Point, NC a great area to live and work in the wonderful Outer Banks region. As a 100% subsidiary of Invento GmbH from Germany, we have an international background using a worldwide network of designers and engineers to ensure the highest level of innovation and quality.

Windspiration™ lawn and garden spinners, HQ Powerkites and other cool outdoor fun toys are developed to appeal to people concerned with quality, color and beauty. Discerning consumers seek out our products in kite shops, sports stores, kiteboarding stores, specialty gift & toy stores, museum shops, lawn & garden centers and the very best mail order catalogs.

Your support is greatly appreciated and we are committed to provide products and customer service to make you happy flying HQ Kites™ and Windspiration™ spinners

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