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HQ Kites Swallowtail Butterfly Kite, 51 Inch Single Line Kite with Tail

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  • 100% Ripstop Polyester
  • BEAUTIFUL TO WATCH, SIMPLE TO FLY: A bright butterfly kite provides hours of fun and amusement for any adult or child! No need to fuss with knots, an included easy clip will gets you flying fast!
  • GREAT BEGINNER KITE: Adults will love it, and kids ages 5 and older can easily learn with this kite. This kite's simple beauty & long tail present quite a show from the ground.
  • DETAILS: The Swallowtail L Butterfly is 51" x 31", made from Rip Stop Polyester and Fiberglass. Includes: Easy Clip, handle, 19.7 foot tail and line. Operable in 5-20 mph wind.
  • LAWN, BEACH & BACKYARD FUN: Kite flying is a popular & social activity enjoyed by boys, girls, young & old alike. Help your children learn to fly, or treat yourself and feel like a kid again!
  • LET'S GO PLAY: HQ has been the premier provider of sporting, power and single line kites for over 20 years; providing the best in high quality design in the world. We make windy days fun for everyone!

Style:Swallowtail These brightly colored butterflies
provide hours or great kite flying fun for young and old alike! They also make
great decorations on the walls, or just hanging from the ceiling. From the
Manufacturer These awesome flying creatures will help to lift your sales up in
the sky. Perfectly handmade designs, outstanding quality and extremly
beautiful. You will see them fly out of your store.

Customer Reviews

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Evelyn D Overcash
Beautiful kite

This kite is beautiful and a lovely replica of a swallowtail. I haven't been able to get this kite fully airborne yet. Truthfully, there hasn't been a strong, consistent air current here that can keep a kite afloat. We all know how important that is.
When I attempted to get the kite in the air with the inconsistent gusts of wind, I noticed that the kite wanted to flip over. Possibly, this is due to the ribs being on the back of the kite and the weight turns it over. It will take a strong steady wind to get this one going.
This kite has very long streamers that will be lovely.