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Wind N Sun

SkyShuttle Kite Ferry



SkyShuttle Kite Ferry Line Accessory

Skill Level: Beginner (Age 8 to adult)
Wind Range: 6-15 mph
Wingspan: 15 inches wide
Material: PVC
MPN: 75211 (Butterfly), 75212 (Dragon)

Kite and kite line is not must use a "lifter" kite and line to use this kite line accessory item

Customer Reviews

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Very Disappointed!

I used the original Gunther Kite Ferry for over 25 years. After all those years I finally gave up fixing it and threw it out before realizing they didn't make them anymore.
I I bought the SkyShuttle Kite Ferry a week or so before my annual trip to Sanibel FL where I am now and had high hopes that it would perform well. My first impression was being a bit put off by it's size and it's (lack of) portability. To protect it I made a box to put it in so it wouldn't get damaged in transport. One of the things I really liked about the old Gunther Kite Ferry is that it was small enough to carry in the large pocket of my kite bag. No way to do that with the SkyShuttle. A bother but not a deal breaker and I was still excited to try it. First day the wind was pretty light but I got it to work a couple of times. The second day (today) the wind was stronger and it kept releasing before reaching the top but I got a few runs to the top. And then it broke. 2nd day of use and it broke. I didn't expect I'd get over 25 years of use out of it but certainly expected it to last more than 2 days worth. Hey Rob Friedman, how much do you want for your Original Gunther Kite Ferry? lol

Finally an affordable Kite Ferry

I have several kite ferries, including the original Gunther Ferry, the newer Gunther Ferry, the Dunston Space Shuttle, and the man one I use, the MullerBait Ferry.
But the little Sky Shuttle by WindnSun, is avaipble, durable, and works easily . It has a unique way of gliding down in waves so it won't ctash your hand when it returns. While small, it should be able to bring a small parachute drop. I really like the design of the ferry carrier and the sail is very nice. Even though it's not a cloth but a solid plastic piece. A good addition to any kite flyer

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