KHK Skyscraper Dual Line Stunt Kite *Exclusive* - Kitty Hawk Kites Online Store
KHK Skyscraper Dual Line Stunt Kite *Exclusive* - Kitty Hawk Kites Online Store
KHK Skyscraper Dual Line Stunt Kite *Exclusive* - Kitty Hawk Kites Online Store
KHK Skyscraper Dual Line Stunt Kite *Exclusive* - Kitty Hawk Kites Online Store
KHK Skyscraper Dual Line Stunt Kite *Exclusive* - Kitty Hawk Kites Online Store
KHK Skyscraper Dual Line Stunt Kite *Exclusive* - Kitty Hawk Kites Online Store
KHK Skyscraper Dual Line Stunt Kite *Exclusive* - Kitty Hawk Kites Online Store
KHK Skyscraper Dual Line Stunt Kite *Exclusive* - Kitty Hawk Kites Online Store

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KHK Skyscraper Dual Line Stunt Kite *Exclusive*

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Exclusive to Kitty Hawk Kites, the Skyscraper Stunt Kite is one of the best stunt kites hands down for all ranges of flyer from beginner to advanced! Based off the discontinued Skyburner Widow Maker kite and designed by the same designer John Trenopol, this large size helps the pilot learn and complete advanced stunts. It looks fantastic and flies beautifully, not to mention it roars through the air in heavier winds, and looks best with a long tail. With this kite you'll learn new tricks easily, be able to fly in low and high winds, and show off to your friends like no other kite can!

Advanced or expert flyer? This kite is perfect for slack line tricks, complete with yoyo stoppers on each leading edge.

2021 upgrade - Still the same amazing quality in materials, with the added benefit of shock cord on the wingtips to allow for tightening the sail material and no end caps to worry about losing or replacing! (Upgrade not available on blue, red or orange 2020 models)

  • Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Kite Size: 96" wingspan
  • Hight: 39"
  • Wind Range: 4-20 mph
  • Frame: High performance Skyshark Carbon
  • Fabric: Ripstop Nylon sail
  • Included Line Set: 150# test Spectra lines

Frame is Skyshark Carbon - SkyShark is very stiff, very durable, and very light-weight. When the pilot is making sharp turns or snapping the kite around to trick, it will hold its shape and not warp. The light weight of the carbon allows the pilot to fly in winds as low as 4 mph (a skilled pilot can).

Bridle: the bridle on this kite is adjustable. In lighter winds (4-10), move the bridle knot closer to the kite frame (up). In strong wind (15-20), move the bridle knot away from the kite frame (down). This might not make sense on paper, but when you look at the bridle, it should make sense.

Weight: this kite comes with a weight installed at the bottom of the spine where the Velcro folds. The weight allows the pilot to stall, land, and trick a lot easier by giving the kite a heavier center of gravity at the bottom. It takes some getting used to to fly with a weight, but it’s really nice once you get into it.

Yoyo Stops: yoyo stops are the small fittings that stick out from the leading edge of the kite between the upper and lower spreader. These are installed so that the pilot can complete a stunt called the yoyo, when the kite is inverted and the lines wrap around the kite (the stops hold them in place).

The included tail is 70’ long and 1 and ¾” wide. The kite can be flown with or without the tail.


Customer Reviews

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Pricing Difference

Nice kite but Online price $175.99. When I received the kite it had the price tag on it $139 then that is crossed out and Hand written it’s $119! Wow! What a markup!

I apologize on the price difference this was a new cost adjustment, you purchased the old discontinued model. All new skyscrapers coming in are different and upgraded, this price should have not launched yet so we will be of course refunding you the difference!

Robert Roschmann
Back to 5 *****

I purchased the “Skyscraper “ Sport Kite and
previously posted that I was not impressed with Kitty Hawk’s Customer service due to a non response to a missing part issue I had contacted Kitty Hawk about. The second time around the staff was extremely professional and dealt with the problem in a fast & courteous fashion and so my faith in Kitty Hawk has been restored. The Skyscraper Sport Kite itself is an advanced style which handles “slack line” maneuvering/tricks nicely. The Skyscraper is well worth it if you are are a more capable Sport Kite Flyer. If, however, you a new to Sport Kites the Skyscraper is probably not the best choice; instead you should look at the PRISM line of Sport Kites (such as the NEXUS) available at Kitty Hawk for your first Sport Kite.
Bottom Line: Kitty Hawk is a very good site to find many Sport Kite choices for all levels of flying experience and I will now vouch for their Customer service as being quickly receptive to dealing with any on line purchase issues that might arise. They are back to *****.

Robert Roschmann
Poor customer service for skyscraper kite

It is now been over six weeks since I talked with the sales rep about a replacement tensioning system for the missing nock caps for the skyscraper kite. It was to be sent out “within a few days”. I have not received the system. I purchased several kites from Kitty Hawk via Internet in the past but given this poor follow up I doubt if I will purchase any more kites from them. Buyer caution alert!

We are sorry to hear you did not get the package or the automated tracking email! We did not get anything returned back to us. First thing Monday morning we will get replacements sent.

Robert Roschmann

Will be a keeper for me; nice flight handling for such a large kite. However, I only received one of the 2 nock caps which are required for proper tensioning of the leading edge line. I called customer service and was told they could not replace the missing nock cap but they promised to send line replacement. To date I have not received anything.

Pablo Miravalles
Great kite

Great product and service.