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KHK Skyscraper Dual Line Stunt Kite



Exclusive to Kitty Hawk Kites, the Skyscraper Stunt Kite is one of the best stunt kites hands down! It looks fantastic and flies beautifully, not to mention it roars through the air in heavier winds, and looks best with a long tail. With this kite you'll learn new tricks easily, be able to fly in low and high winds, and show off to your friends like no other kite can!

Skill Level: Intermediate
Kite Size: 96" wingspan
Wind Range: 4-20 mph
Frame: Skyshark Carbon
Fabric: Ripstop Nylon sail
Included Line Set: 150# test Spectra lines

Large size helps the pilot learn and complete advanced stunts.

Frame is Skyshark Carbon - SkyShark is very stiff, very durable, and very light-weight. When the pilot is making sharp turns or snapping the kite around to trick, it will hold its shape and not warp. The light weight of the carbon allows the pilot to fly in winds as low as 4 mph (a skilled pilot can).

Bridle: the bridle on this kite is adjustable. In lighter winds (4-10), move the bridle knot closer to the kite frame (up). In strong wind (15-20), move the bridle knot away from the kite frame (down). This might not make sense on paper, but when you look at the bridle, it should make sense.

Weight: this kite comes with a weight installed at the bottom of the spine where the Velcro folds. The weight allows the pilot to stall, land, and trick a lot easier by giving the kite a heavier center of gravity at the bottom. It takes some getting used to to fly with a weight, but it’s really nice once you get into it.

Yoyo Stops: yoyo stops are the small fittings that stick out from the leading edge of the kite between the upper and lower spreader. These are installed so that the pilot can complete a stunt called the yoyo, when the kite is inverted and the lines wrap around the kite (the stops hold them in place).

The included tail is 70’ long and 1 and ¾” wide. The kite can be flown with or without the tail.

Wingtips: when you assemble this kite, the wingtips need to be pulled tight and secured inside the end cap. Most pilots will do this only one time, and then leave the leading edge assembled.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
As Advertised

First and foremost KHK has won me as a customer based on service alone. Their hands on approach and willingness to help are a great business model for any customer wanting a valuable shopping experiance.
The Skyscraper is a ready to fly, easy to trick big kite.
It does like a bit more wind to perform but that is what big kites are for. The tail weight is an asset for doing intermediate tricks with little effort. I would recommend this kite for its quality, value, and perfomance. The price point is very good for what you are getting, as I have spent more on kites that offered less.

Im hooked

KHK Skyscraper is the first kite of this type for me. It is very controllable from the start. steady wind is always best 8+
quick landings are easy if the wind dies out.
the weighted tail is fine as is the 75 ft? tail it comes with — what a spectacle!
also it’s loud !
Chris G

Perfect kite for my flying needs

I was looking for a large delta-wing stunt kite for high-speed maneuvers in high winds. After spending some time during a couple chats with Kitty Hawk's online support, they recommended the Skyscraper. I couldn't be happier with that choice. I've used quite a few stunt kites over the years, with the most expensive in the low $100 range, and the Skyscraper is without a doubt the most fun larger kite I've ever tried. I don't do tricks but love to do a lot of high-speed looping and other maneuvers that really stress the abilities of the kite. The Skyscraper fits that bill perfectly, and for a great price.

Fantastic Budget Freestyle Kite

After considering a few choices in this category, I bought the Skyscraper (a.k.a. Premier Kites Widow). This is my first new kite since mid-90s era graphite intermediate kites so I wanted something fresh and challenging. I asked the staff for advice in choosing this kite and Alyssa M. and the KHK team were very helpful in my decision. So far, I have only flown it in gusty 15-20 mph winds where it tracks fast and sharp with a strong pull. This is my first experience with cinch lines on the sails and I lost a vinyl end cap on the maiden flight. I fixed this with a pencil eraser and recommend carrying a couple of these for field repairs.
I will do a light wind review for slack line reviews but so far I am very happy with this purchase. The KHK team is fantastic, in-store and online so hit them up for advice. They also sent me a replacement spar when my kite arrived damaged so they don't forget about you after purchase-LOVE THIS COMPANY!

Great Kite

This is my first intermediate stunt kite. I am moving up from a beginner kite that did no tricks. This kite is so impressive, it cuts through the air with the persuasion of a Surgion. I am learning tricks pretty fast as well. I am not really a good pilot yet and have dealt this kite a lot of punishment. And it keeps taking it and keeps on flying. I am not skilled enough to fly in in a 4 mph wind I need more of a 7 or 8 mph wind. The weight takes a little getting used too, bit within a half hour I was good and can see how it helps with the tricks.

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