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Rocky Mountain DC Box Delta Kite



The Rocky Mountain DC Box Delta Kite is not just a pretty face...this kite is a rock-steady flier too! The Rocky Mountain DC (DC stands for Delta Conyne) kite is stable in a wide wind range and the beautiful colors and sail pattern really stand out among the crowd. The Rocky Mountain DC Box Delta Kite has four attachment points for you to attach tails (not included) to create an even bigger display!

Skill Level: Beginner
Kite Size: 93" x 40"
Wind Range: 5-20 mph
Frame: Fiberglass
Fabric: 40-Denier Ripstop Nylon
Recommended Line: 100 lb. Test Line Recommended (kite line is NOT included)

Customer Reviews

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Robby of Maui
Purely Awesome!

Certainly a kiteflier’s kite! A must-have for any collector & flier! Easy assembling / disassembling in the field, even as the wind is blowing. Gentle pull, high-angle flying kite for all skill levels. All colors are appliquéed, not printed, on very high-quality ripstop nylon w/ panels secured w/ zigzag stitching for longterm durability. Spar sleeves & spreader pockets are built to last a very long time. The (4) tail attachment loops at the trailing edge offers options to vary the appearance & performance of the kite using different tail combos. I love mine as a single w/ a 50’ b/w transition tail pair. I have (4) of these Conynes in Rainbow, (2) in Dawn, (1) in Dusk which I fly simultaneously as 7-stack train. So impressive whether in a train or just singularly, so much so that people seeing this kite aloft will drive from the nearby highway to my flying field just to ask if they can hold the reel & pilot the kite a few minutes for a short photo op. These Conynes will handle a nicely wide wind range, steady or gusty. Bonus: The Conyne is also a slice of WWI history, the much larger versions designed by Silas Conyne of France for lifting military scouts aloft to gather tactical reconnaissance.

Shane Carrano

I’ve been working with Kirsten on returning the kite due to a manufacturers defect in the sewing. Other than that I love this kite and CANNOT wait to get the replacement kite. I look forward to continued business with Kitty Hawk .com

Ray from Indiana
Fun Kite

I bought this kite at the kitty hawk kites store in Destin Florida. First it is a high quality kite not the cheap kite most of us are use to.. Second it is a good size kite you really have to see it to appreciate it. My first flight was in shifty inconsistent winds that can really challenge a kite. This kite performed well above the previously mentioned cheap kites. This kite keeps its nose up even when the wind dies and will slowly start to slide tail first toward the ground, just walk backward and keep it off the ground and when the wind comes back up it goes, no spinning and nose diving. Several times the wind shifted 60 degrees and again it moved into the new direction with no issues. When the wind died I would walk back 20 to 30 steps to keep it up and when the gust hit I would walk down wind to get my real estate back. I flew for over an hour. No crashes no nosedives. The case it came in is also nice. The kite fits back in easily and protects it for the next flight.

Excellent Flier - Beach Favorite!!

This kite is extremely easy to fly. It flies almost directly overhead and rock steady with almost no sway. I use 150# Line to give the ample ability to hang out some laundry. There were several people flying some kites over the weekend that we were there and once this kite went up with 2 30ft tails and 2 15 foot streamers on the the wing tips, all eyes were on this one. A couple of thoughts ... the wind was not strong by any means but the kite pull was quite strong so not really for smaller kids. My niece and nephew are 13 an 11 and they were struggling to hold on after a while. THIS KITE LIFTS!!! The color against the blue sky is AMAZING!!! Do yourself a favor, if you don't have a DC kite yet, buy this one!!!! As for my purchase, Kitty Hawk is an Excellent online vendor. They communicate and confirm your order as well as shipping information. By far, one of the BEST online vendors I have ordered from!! You can count on these people to get you just what you ordered! HAPPY FLYIN

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