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Petite Day of Dead Dog Wind Spinner

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These spinners are adorable! Their small size and price are an easy fit for any garden and any pocketbook. The Petite Spinners come in a compact package and are simple to assemble and display. The wings are pre-glued so you won't be picking up pieces after a wind. Made from durable polyester rip-stop. Themed for Dia de los Muertos Perro.

Size: 18.75 x 12.75 in.

Customer Reviews

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debbie whiting
Best little spinner

We buy a couple of these a year. We live in se az where it is really windy, so they wear out. Bjt it's an iconic part of our yard decor!

Karen Modeski
Better Than First Glance

I bought one of these pups about 6 years ago. It looked thin and seemed to be over-priced for the material it was made of. Here we are 6 years later and I am buying a new dog. This spinner has outlasted the color printed on the fabric. He's just not bright and pretty any more. Considering how many other yard decorations that have come and gone from my yard he has outlasted them all. I live on the top of a hill and get some wicked winds. This little guy held together and remains spinning on the slightest breath of air. With all of that said I not only bought another dog but a cat to match. : )

Cynthia Anderson
Greatest Spinner

This spinner is not only really cute, but because of it's lightweight design it is almost always spinning. I have several large metal spinners in my yard and they need a strong wind to get them moving, but this puppy only needs a slight breeze to keep it going. I absolutely love it.