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10ft Dragon Sky Giant Kite

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Easy to assemble and very stable. This 10 foot dragon kite is sure to draw attention from all over and great for all ages! The body inflates with wind as it blows through the mouth to create a 3D effect so it looks like a real dragon flying!

Recommended Line: 90 lb test (kite line is NOT included)

Size: 121" W
Sail Material: Ripstop Nylon
Airframe: Fiberglass
Age Rating: 8 to Adult
Wind Range: 7-18 MPH
MPN: 72350

Customer Reviews

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David C
Beautiful kite but some serious issues

The kite setup is great, super simple.
The kite itself is amazing looking, haven't quite measured it yet but 10 feet might be pushing it
However, the downside is the kite is already fraying after about 2 hours total in winds of about 7mph.

Crist Perez
Best dragon 🐉 kite 🪁 2021

The dragon 🐉 kite is amazing I take to the park or the beach and I always get people taking pictures of it I wish they can make more bigger that would be amazing 😻

Awesome Vibrant Full Size Dragon

Awesome kite and as others have said, very stable. It flew very well in light to moderate winds. There are two separate bridal loops - one for light winds and the other for stronger winds. The stronger wind bridal pulls on the second set of legs more. I have only flown it in the light wind bridal and it only pulls on one set of legs, but flies well in light and moderate winds with that setting. Beautiful kite that flies very well, easy to launch, and large enough to fly at higher altitudes and still be well seen. Quality is very good and set up is easy after becoming familiar with it. Great storage bag.

Kathryn Ireson
It was a gift

Everyone wants a review! Its like we have nothing else to do... This was a gift. They have not flown it yet. It looks amazing, really amazing and I am sure it will be lovely in the sky.

Barry Greenwood
Dragon kite

Thank you