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6.5 Foot Festive Sky Delta Kite Package

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The Kitty Hawk Kites Festive Sky Delta Kite Package is ready-to-go fun. This complete kite package includes a stable, high-flying delta kite, a Yo Yo Winder of kite line, a Hypno Twister Tail and 2 Streamer Tails. The Festive Sky Kite Package makes a great gift for any age or skill level. The Festive Sky Delta Kite Package takes the guesswork out of gift giving. Hooray for Kites!

Skill Level: Beginner
Kite Size: 77" W x 40" H
Wind Range: 6-20 mph
Frame: Fiberglass
Fabric: Ripstop Nylon
Line: Includes 300 ft of 50lb Test Line on a Yo Yo Winder

If you bought all these items separatley, here is the MSRP breakdown:
6.5 Foot Delta Kite: $44.99
50lbx300Ft Kite Line: $11.99
Sm. Hypo Twister Tail: $19.99
Streamer Kite Tails: $15.00
TOTAL MSRP: $91.97
KHK Package Price: $54.99 (a deal you just can't beat!)

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Matthew F.
Such a great kite

It’s big, flashy, and easy to fly. Everything I wanted in a kite!

Sara Woods
Fantastic Kite

Ordered the Patriotic Festive Sky Delta Kite Pkg. It was beautiful in the sky. Great customer service! I needed special delivery and replacement on a part that was damaged in shipping. Both issues were addressed promptly and professionally.

Edward Schopf
Great Kite Except For The Spinner.

I love this kite and I get great complements flying it at the Jersey shore. The problem is the spinner. First, you have to be careful with the spars (ribs) as they are very thin fiberglass and can break easily if you're not careful. Once set up, I haven't removed them from the spinner for this reason. Now it's harder to store and carry. Second, the "tails" on the spinner will fray over time as they are not sewn the length of the tails. I've flown the kite maybe 4 times and they are all ready fraying. The two separate tails on the wings of the kite are fine and sewn down their length.

Great kite to show your Pride!

I'm on my second season with this kite, and I love it! Flies with great ease in low to high winds.
I usually get complements from young and old alike when I bring it out.
The center spinner is an awesome feature and a total eye catcher.
I did upgrade the side streamers to a longer length and it doesn't hinder it's flight.
Was purchased in the Avon store where all my questions were answered.
A great purchase that I will never regret.
Thanks Kitty Hawk Kites!

Jake P
One of my favorite America flags

Have had this kite for awhile now and its one of my favorites. This review is to leave a kind warning to upgrade the tail swivel to something a bit more heavy duty. I had the kite up for hours and while tending lines a heard an odd noise and upon looking up my spinner tail is drifting along the sky, the swivel had been gutted and failed :( going to go looking for it again today. This review is to not detract from the kite at all just a little warning to avoid some sadness lol the spinner really makes this kite pop!

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