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Large - Pterodactyl Flapping Wing Kite

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Designed by Carsten Domann. The Pterodactyl Kite, along with #45701 and #45702 Flapping Bat Kites, are the only kites in the Premier assortment that share a unique characteristic -- they flap! A startling head-turner in the sky, these kites rhythmically flap their wings as they park above your head. The animated effect is stunning and these bats create quite a commotion for any spectators near their "scare-space". If you like spooky, if you like eerie, if you want the most spine-chilling specters to ever possess the sky, then these bats are for you.

Size (W X L): 11 x 15 ft. / 335 x 460 cm.
Wind Range: 5 ~ 18 mph
Fabric: Ripstop Nylon
Frame Carbon & Fiberglass
Line Recommended: 150 lb. Test Line

Customer Reviews

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Rocco Racano
Real Eyecatcher

This is my second Pterodactyl Kite, love the flapping wings. Bought it because I was not able to replace a broken upper spine; found a close replacement piece online, but the weight distribution has slightly changed; haven't gotten the wind conditions with the replacement part yet to see if it works. Assembly instructions are the worst; they don't match the parts

Overall very good retail experience

Kite puts on a good show, kids love it!