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6.5 Foot Festive Sky Delta Kite Package



The Kitty Hawk Kites Festive Sky Delta Kite Package is ready-to-go fun. This complete kite package includes a stable, high-flying delta kite, a Yo Yo Winder of kite line, a Hypno Twister Tail and 2 Streamer Tails. The Festive Sky Kite Package makes a great gift for any age or skill level. The Festive Sky Delta Kite Package takes the guesswork out of gift giving. Hooray for Kites!

New for 2018, the Neon Flash colorway features strips of reflective fabric sewn into the kite that will reflect at night when you shine lights on it!!! This feature is ONLY available on the NEON FLASH version of this kite!

Skill Level: Beginner
Kite Size: 77" W x 40" H
Wind Range: 6-20 mph
Frame: Fiberglass
Fabric: Ripstop Nylon
Line: Includes 300 ft of 50lb Test Line on a Yo Yo Winder

If you bought all these items separatley, here is the MSRP breakdown:
6.5 Foot Delta Kite: $44.99
50lbx300Ft Kite Line: $11.99
Sm. Hypo Twister Tail: $19.99
Streamer Kite Tails: $15.00
TOTAL MSRP: $91.97
KHK Package Price: $45.99 (a deal you just can't beat!)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Patriotic kite

First off I can say this a Beautiful kite. I have not had the opportunity to fly it yet but I am sure that the kite will fly well. The kit is well made and the hypno spinner adds another dimension to the flying experience and look. I had looked at other Patriotic print kites but this kite had a cleaner sharper look that appealed to me. Thanks for a great product.

Fancy kite

It loves wind

Simple and Impressive

Stopped in the Nags Head store looking for something easy to launch and fly.
Flew this the next day at Jockey's Ridge in a light wind. It looked magnificent.
Easy assembly, very easy launch, twister and streamers looked great, very steady in flight. Onlookers seemed to enjoy it as much as we did.


Recently spent four days in Ft. Walton and purchased the 6.5 Delta, great kite for the price. Kitty Hawk has a great selection of quality kites and a very customer friendly staff.

Great Kite

Kite is easily assembled and flying it is even easier. Flew it on the beach and held up great with the strong winds. Flew it at home with winds around 10 mph and the kite easily lifted out to 300 feet. The tails are fun and the kids love it. I would recommend this kite to anyone, even if you have never flown one.

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