11" Speedy Winder - Kitty Hawk Kites Online Store
11" Speedy Winder - Kitty Hawk Kites Online Store
11" Speedy Winder - Kitty Hawk Kites Online Store
11" Speedy Winder - Kitty Hawk Kites Online Store

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11" Speedy Winder

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The Speedy Winder is an excellent reel device specially made for kite flying and includes some very useful features. Molded from high-impact ABS plastic, these reels have built-in ball bearing steel raceways for smooth low-friction operation. A pivoting heavy gauge steel line guide helps keep retrievals swift and tangle-free. Comfortable grip and large handle is a joy to use and an integrated "dead bolt" locking mechanism allows for relaxed and secure parking at any altitude.

Size: diameter: 11 in.

Note: This is a blank winder, kite line is NOT included! Colors may vary from image shown based on availability.

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Allison Nicholson

works for smaller kites.
The 200lb test kites are to big to reel in.

Harold Snyder
Great item!

Before this reel, i had a simular smaller one. It came apart on first run. I currently have 5000 ft of Kevlar string. Been in and out twice no issues.

11" Speedy Winder

This is a well made heavy duty winder; 11" OD, 7" ID and weighing just under 2 lb. It is designed for mostly right-handed people (hold the winder in the left hand and crank in a counter-clockwise direction). It won't work if you prefer to hold the winder in your right hand and crank with the left. If you crank in the other direction the bolt on the knob will tighten up and the knob won't rotate. The lock is activated by pushing on the small lever with your crank hand and released by pushing on the red button with the little finger of the right hand holding the reel. A heavy duty line guide with a swivel is attached to the reel.
Unfortunately, mine was delivered damaged. The bolt holding the crank knob was bent and the ball bearing race was slightly out of round or damaged causing the reel to hang up while rotating. If you need a reel for larger kites, you are not left-handed (as I am) and you get an undamaged reel, I think you will like it.


I am sorry to hear you received a damaged winder! We do not want that! Please verify your shipping address at orders@kittyhawk.com and we will send a replacement right away. We can also swap the reel so the handle is on the correct side, easy adjustment with a screwdriver. :)

Thanks and happy holidays!

Larry Cole

Winder is a heavy duty plastic which easily holds 500' of 150lb line. It rotates smoothly on ball bearings. There is no brake, so a glove is needed to slow the reel when the line is moving out. Once stopped, there's a lock to keep the reel from moving. I bought this winder for Kite Aerial Photography with a Parafoil 10 kite. With wind above 10mph I found that the reel spins too fast to be stopped even with a gloved hand. The line needs to be stopped after about 50' to attach a camera, which is also a problem because you can't let go of the reel. In short, this is a great winder to use with smaller kites to make reeling in easier and faster. I've modified it for KAP use by attaching it to a platform with a different handle and a shoulder strap so I have both hands available for working with the camera (see photo). Perhaps the manufacturer could add another C shaped bracket, similar to the one for the pulley, so that a strap could be added to tie off the winder to a sandbag or post.

Rick Ortiz
Kite Lover

Their Awesome! High quality and very sturdy. Takes no time to reel in my Prism Bora 7 kite. Thank You Kittyhawk!
Another happy Kittyhawk customer.