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Kitebag 180cm/140cm

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Robust and convenient kite bag that holds 10-15 kites. With extra inside pockets.

    • Slim carry bag
    • Interior pockets
    • Shoulder strap
    • Outside pocket for kite accessories

Customer Reviews

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Nice Bag

I bought this bag for all my HQ kites. Works fine. The zipper is made to zip down half way. Has a zipper pocket for line and handles but it’s built on the inside so it does take up additional room. Overall the bag Is nice just wish the zipper was more of a heavy duty style.

Christine St.Pierre

This bag is perfect for multiple kites (I have 4) plus 7 different lines, handles and stakes.

Excellent Kite Bag

If you are looking for a tall kite bag, this is the one for you at 180cm in length. There is also a smaller bag at 140cm for your medium size kites. Both are well built, have a carrying handle, over the shoulder strap, hold several kites and both have a small outside zipper for smaller items. The bag material is not thin or light weight like other bags so it should last a long time and resist snags and tears. I will probably insert a length of PVC pipe inside the bag to add some rigidity and extra protection for my kites.