Delta Kites

First time kite flyers-- delta kites are for you! These easy-to-fly kites are simple to launch, reliable and great for light winds. Perfect for easy flying at the park, beach or just as eye catching decoration!

Information on Delta Kites

What is a Delta Kite?

  • Deltas are known to be some of the easiest kites to launch and fly.
  • These kites fly graciously in the wind with ease.
  • Deltas are used more for aesthetics or recreation, rather than for performance.

Who is it good for?

  • With their easy to handle flight, Deltas are perfect for beginners.
  • Delta kites make for great gifts for children or anyone looking for a relaxing and enjoyable flying experience.

Where to fly?

  • These kites are great for flying at the Park, beach, or in your own backyard!  
  • Deltas can handle flight with various levels of wind, even flying on some of the softest wind days.
  • The best place to fly Deltas is in any open area away from power lines, trees, or buildings.

Can Deltas have tails?

  • Yes!  Many Delta kites come with tails attached, but adding a tail can provide a bit more style to your flight!
  • While you may not need a kite tail, some tails do help stabilize the kite, keeping from spinning or swerving foolishly in the sky.