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Rainbow Wind Wheel Line Laundry

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Wind Wheels are slow rpm spin devices that look spectacular on kite lines as well as most windsock poles. 

Wind Wheels measure 6.5 feet in diameter and come with a high quality ball bearing swivel. These graceful spinning rings are the perfect way to add unique motion to any ground or aerial display.

For ground displays, use 13 ft. poles and up (not included). For a line device, Wind Wheels work best on medium to large kites. Kites the same size or larger as Premier's 9 ft. Deltas and Power Sled 24s work well (lifter kite is NOT included)

Size: 6.5 ft. diameter

Customer Reviews

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Very happy with wind wheel. This purchase was influenced by the Patriotic Wheel from KHK and month prior. Had to have both !
They look great. Nice addition to the kite laundry line. A little more drag (wind resistance) than anticipated. Flying a Premier 36 sled for lifter
10-12 mph winds. Handled it fine - still decided to lower it down to about the first third of line out as not to change angle of attack of lifter.
This stabilized the lifter and the rest of the laundry line display. Also made it closer to the ground for people to see. Easy adjustment.
Next outing planning to fly both on the same lifter line ! You will certainly enjoy and memorizing to watch ! Mine as well just order it
now and see........ Enjoy !

Eye catching and fun

Instant kite show! You will get lots of compliments flying this ring, at least I did. I lofted a 9ft delta, anchored it with a sand anchor, then pulled in some line and attached this with a larks head knot. Let it out and it started spinning. Flew for a few hours right over people's heads as they walked down the beach.

When you first get it, note how the line is set in the packaging. I've repacked it a few times with the same running knot to contain the bridle lines and been able to unpack it with no tangling. It did get tangled a little once after coming down and getting blown around on the ground, but only took a little time and patience to get it back to rights.

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