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HQ Multi Kite - Dual Mode Kite



The frameless Multi-Kite combines all the good things about kiting. The contemplative and relaxing side of single line kite flying and the sporty side of stunt kite flying. With this kite, both becomes so easy that we recommend the Multi-Kite for kids ages 10+. Flown as a single line kite, it develops light but noticeable pull. The long tube tail helps to stabilize its flying characteristics. Simply take out part of the bridle line, attach flying straps and the Multi-Kite becomes a stunt kite. Perfect for beginners, the kite flies slowly which helps the first time flyer to perform loops, turns and dives with ease. The attached tube tail provides a colorful trail that follows the kites every move.

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Width: 34"
Height: 484" (measurement includes attached tube tail)
Sail: Ripstop-Polyester
Included Line: Polyester 44 lb. 2 x 2 m on winder with straps (for dual line mode) + 90 lb. x 200 ft. polyester on spool (for single line mode)
Wind Range: Single Line Mode: 7-24 mph, Dual Line Mode: 9-30 mph
Age: 10+

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