Modarri Red Car Kit With Guards
Modarri Red Car Kit With Guards
Modarri Red Car Kit With Guards
Modarri Red Car Kit With Guards
Modarri Red Car Kit With Guards
Modarri Red Car Kit With Guards
Modarri Red Car Kit With Guards
Modarri Red Car Kit With Guards
Modarri Red Car Kit With Guards
Modarri Red Car Kit With Guards
Modarri Red Car Kit With Guards
Modarri Red Car Kit With Guards

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Modarri Red Car Kit With Guards

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  • Auto tuning for small screwdrivers

Modarri was founded by 3 dads who set out to make the
"ULTIMATE TOY CAR." As kids, David, Trevor and Brian were obsessed with toy
cars - they had huge car collections and spent hours on the floor creating
their own race scenes - they imagined themselves in the driver˪s seat, racing
around corners, jumping through the air and rallying off roads (kid sound
effects always included - vrrrrooooommm!) Fast forward 35 years and these same
ÀœkidsÀ were now each a father working in the Toy industry. These three dads
were looking for awesome toy cars for their own children, but they were
seriously disappointed to find that toy cars had gotten cheaper in quality,
less durable, more ÀœremoteÀ, and hadnÀ™t really innovated at all. The dads
decided that kids deserved to have better toy cars, so they teamed up to make
the toy car of their own childhood dreams - Modarri ÀœThe Ultimate Toy Car.À
(modular: composed of standardized units or sections for easy construction
or flexible arrangement) They set out to create a toy car that provided
extremely high play value, something that provided nearly endless amounts of
hands-on, creative fun. This was the guiding principal in the creation of
Modarri and it can be seen in every interaction with the toy cars. No other
toy car can beat the fun, engagement and skill-building that Modarri provides!
Come one, come all! Parents, kids, collectors, designers, tinkerers, builders
- this is the revolutionary Toy Car System for you! This Modular Toy Car
Building System provides FUN and FUELS CREATIVITY like no other! Modarri is
not your typical toy car - it is a designing and driving experience. YOU
become the designer, the builder, and the racer. Mix and Match Building System
Design your own car by choosing your 11 car parts to combine to build a full
model car. Every piece is interchangeable with all cars. Mix and match for
unlimited possible car designs! Super Quick Build Times Modarri cars are built
in less than a minute! Easily build your car by stacking the pieces and then
tightening a few built-in screws with the swivel-tipped hex screwdriver. Nice!
Finger Driven with Amazing Mechanics Insert your finger into the driver's seat
and take full control of your car! Drive by pointing your finger where you
want to go! Modarri cars have real steering mechanics and spring actuated
suspension for amazing handling! Read more Check out Modarri's Awesome
Features! Design, build, and drive your very own creation! Mix and match
building system allows for BILLIONS of car designs Finger-driven with real
steering and suspension mechanics Super quick assembly times À“ less time
building, more time playing! (assembled with included swivel-tipped hex
driver) Screws are retained into the components, they donÀ™t fall out À“ no lost
screws! Real 2-step automotive paint for a beautiful, dazzling finish Durable
construction À“ real steel metal frames, heavy duty plastic, and strong
mechanical linkages Modarri is a STEM toy that educates through open-ended
play Read more Using an innovative, yet simple modular system, Modarri allows
you to design over 1 BILLION car design combinations with a normal collection
of cars. This is because every single car piece can be interchanged with any
other like-type - and there are 11 parts per car, with tons of different
styles per piece! The math is similar to this: 11 x 11 x 11 x 11 x 11 x 11 x
11 x 11......... and that goes on for a very long time. Every new car
exponentially grows your possible car designs with mix and match building. On
top of that, Modarri cars have AMAZING driving mechanics. With a patented
steering and suspension system that uses precision mechanics, you have full
control over the vehicle. Insert your finger into the driver's seat and feel
the road! Realistic steering allows you to turn exactly where your finger
points. Spring actuated suspension allows you to drive on any terrain, and
gives the vehicle awesome handling! We promise you will fall in love with
Modarri's Modular Toy Cars. Checkout our glowing reviews across all of our
products for further proof!

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