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Mantis Delta Kite

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ONLY AVAILABLE IN SUNRISE OR IRIS, Mojito is not available

The Mantis stands out from the crowd with a unique shape and stunning graphics. A broad wingspan and long tail celebrate your place in the landscape with a bright flying sculpture visible from a mile away. With the aerodynamic qualities of both a diamond and a delta kite, it’s simple to assemble (just connect three rods) and packs into a light, compact sleeve for travel. Includes an easy-to-use hoop winder with braided polyester flying line for long life and minimal tangles.

Unique shape with broad wingspan and long, flowing tail
Simple assembly with three connecting rods
Flies in wide wind range of 4 – 25 mph
Complete with hoop winder and braided polyester line

Size: 48" x 34"
Wind Range: 4 – 20 mph
Frame: Fiberglass
Sail: Ripstop Polyester
Flying Line: Includes 200ft x 50lb Polyester line on hoop

Customer Reviews

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Pretty kite, but a handful

I like the kite, it's fun to fly, but it's not very stable. If the wind's too strong, like Hawaii trade winds, forget it, the kite's going to eat sand every time, just a big right-hand turn into the ground (or ocean). I tried different line positions, more weight on the tail, nothing worked to keep it flying in strong winds.

Too light, and it flutters, same result. In just the right wind, like a strong afternoon seabreeze, you can keep it up, and it's fun. It tends to dive when it gets too much air, but you can let out some line and it will straighten up. If it flutters, you can take the opportunity to reel some in. It's not a kite to hold and forget while you watch the sunset, you have to manage it most of the time.

That said, it is my favorite kite when conditions permit, it looks great in the morning and evening sun. And if it takes a dip, well, it dries off quick enough.

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