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62 Inch Kite Carryall Bag - Red/Black

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The Carryall bags have everything you need at a price you can afford. Made of polyester pack cloth, they have adjustable shoulder straps, 24" x 9" expandable line pockets with zippered internal pockets, full-length zippers and cinch cords to carry the really big stuff on the outside. 12" wide they hold about 8 kites.

Customer Reviews

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Michael chesley

Love this kitebag

Gregory Hicks
Nice Bag

Bag holds several large 3D Kites, with room for several Delta Kites.

James R
Really Good Bag, Zipper Could Be Better

I have 4 of these and they've held up well over the past couple of years. The side pocket has inner pockets which are great for holding small parts like swivels, clasps, and carabiners, that would otherwise get lost. I didn't think I'd use the outer bungee straps but it turns out that I use them nearly every time to carry a last minute addition or that one oddball kite that won't fit in the bag. I do worry that the zipper on the main section of the bag will not hold up over time, its a bit small and the pull tabs bend with moderate effort. A more robust zipper like you'd find on a good quality parka would be worth a few more dollars.

Patricia Hansen
Kite bag

Roomy and well contructed — great bag.