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Hummingbird 16 Inch Whirligig Wind Spinner

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Premier Designs' Whirligigs capture all the fun of this traditional American wind decoration. The Hummingbird spinner has bright colors and will be sure to draw attention to your yard, garden or patio. This spinner could make a great way to make your next gathering really stand out. The Hummingbird wind spinner is an awesome gift idea for the bird or nature enthusiast and it is made with uv-resistance SunTex fabric and includes a fiberglass pole and ground stake.

Spinner Size: 8.75" x 16"
Wing Diameter: 19"

Customer Reviews

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Steve T.
The hummingbird really spins fast!

I put this in the yard a few weeks ago and it consistently spins with minimal wind. The opposing wing spin directions really add to the effect.

Jeffrey Pomeroy
One more bird-

Our back deck is Hummingbird central... The spinner is a great addition to the real thing!

Nora Bryant
Holds up well and really pretty

My son actually purchased this for himself. He has a cornucopia of wind spinners by our telephone pole on our property where he has his sunflower patch. This really make a nice cheerful display from the road.

Jonathan Esler
Love our hummingbird

Seeing our very colorful and fun hummingbird spin each day is a pure pleasure. Along with other spinners we bought our front garden Has turned into a must see