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Tantrum 220 Power Foil/Trainer Kite



Designed specifically for dual-line bar control, Tantrum trainer foils are simple, rugged, and a blast to fly...and you’ll be digging your heels in as the breeze comes up. Perfect trainers for traction kiting, kiteboarding, or all-around fun, they’ll teach you solid kite handling skills before you take on the serious pull of a full–sized water or traction kite. In stronger winds, the Tantrum’s low-drag airfoil delivers impressive speed and more than enough power to drag you down the beach with an adrenaline-stoked grin. Already rigged and ready to fly, the low-stretch Dyneema flying lines provide instant feedback as the Tantrum blasts through the sky. The cushioned control bar is intuitive to use and doubles as a line winder, and a central trailing edge drains sand or water if needed. Safety leash collapses the kite in an emergency — just let go of the bar and it will settle safely to the ground.

Dual-line control bar makes learning easy
Fast and responsive, hard–pulling in stronger winds
Choose from 2 sizes (220 or 250) to match your weight and wind conditions
High-aspect wing for speed and aerodynamic efficiency
Includes control bar, safety leash and high-performance Dyneema lines

Skill Level: Beginner–Intermediate
Wing Span: 86.5" (220 cm)
Wind Range: 5–25 mph (8 – 40 kmh)
Speed: Moderate
Pull: Medium–Strong
Sail Material: Ripstop Polyester
Flying Lines: 85' x 150lb Dyneema (26 m x 68 kg)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great high performance kite

When the wind is too much for lesser kites, this is your go to! It's got great control, comes strung and has a bar that makes it easy to control and roll up the control lines when you're ready to go home. I would say it is a two person kite unlike some airfoil kites I've flown, it needs someone to hold it above ground just a bit to inflate and then you can take off. Maybe I'll figure out a trick to doing that on my own at some point but what's the fun in flying alone? Highly recommended for new users to this kind of kite flying in higher winds.

Great trainer kite

Bought this kite as a prelude to a full size kite to kiteboard with. Flying it is a blast and brought out the young boy I me again. Sounds like a win-win to me. Thanks Kitty hawk kites. SJ


This is my prism kite and after flying the first one a few times was excited to get a bigger one. when it arrived could not wait to get it in the wind! Went to beach to fly the kite for the first time.
when I took it out of the bag and after the string was about half unwound, one of the strings was wrapped around all the remaining string. Not sure how that was even possible. I ended up having to untie it from the kite and spent about 45 minuets unraveling and retying after making sure the strings are the same length to the fly bar. Do sure I will buy from this company again or recommend to my friends as quality control is lacking.

Excellent & Forgiving Foil Kite!

This was a great addition to the kite bag and was an upgrade compared to my old Stylus 1.8 and modern Synapse 140. This was my first foil kite with a control bar and it definitely makes control easier during winds above 12mph for the average person. The included lines are a little heavy for sub-10mph conditions but thankfully almost any good quality lighter weight line (#75-#90) can be attached to the sail with either the control bar or straps from another kit. This is by no means a fast kite under 10mph but picks up speed very quickly at 15mph+ and will pull hard above 20mph. In 15-22mph conditions at the beach; I was able to recover from crashes many times but a fair amount of sand gets trapped in the sail which is hard to remove completely even using the velcro sand drain. Thus I'd advise most novice flyers to avoid leading-edge-down recoveries since the front vents will "scoop up" sand like a shovel. The control bar will also trap some sand if put on the ground but that is easily removed via 3mm hex wrench to free either end cap which also allows for tightening of the elastic retainers on each end cap can if they get loose. Lastly I'd like to recommend trying the Tantrum series kites with padded straps instead of the bar as this gives a wider range of control for more experienced flyers. Overall a great design from Prism and excellent service from KittyHawk; but the 250 would be better for those flying in lighter wind conditions.

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