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KHK Special Edition Prism Nexus Stunt Kite Package



We have taken the classic, best selling Prism Nexus and stepped it up a notch (or three!)

The Kitty Hawk Kites Special Edition Prism Nexus package features an exclusive sail pattern (three color ways to choose from) that is not offered anywhere else! In addition to the standard inclusions (standard kite bag, flying lines and wrist straps), we have also included a full-length, lightweight travel sleeve (perfect for carrying your nexus with the leading edges assembled), a 60 foot coordinating streamer tail and a basic repair kit.

The Prism Nexus Stunt kite is a great kite for traveling. This dual line sport kite's features include collapsible leading edges for easy packing, high grip elastomer connectors, Kevlar reinforced nose and tail, and quick-attach, color coded bridle clips. The Prism Nexus dual line trick kite is tough enough for the beginner stunt kite pilot! The Prism Nexus stunt kite includes a compact carrying case, line set and wrist straps (Ready-To-Fly).

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Kite Wing Span: 60"
Size in Travel Bag: Approximate Dimensions 30" L x 5" W x 3" H
Wind Range: 4-22 mph
Frame: Carbon and Fiberglass
Fabric: Ripstop Nylon/ Mylar Laminate
Line: Includes 90 lb. x 65ft Test Spectra Line With Winder and Wrist Straps

Standard Features:
Carbon frame flies easily in lighter winds
Fast and quick-turning for extra excitement in stronger winds
Kevlar-reinforced nose and flexible fiberglass spine absorb the shock of unplanned landings
Solid pull provides extra feedback for new pilots
Compact, take-it-anywhere package includes Spectra lines, winder, flight straps, and travel case

KHK Special Edition Features:
Full-Length lightweight travel sleeve (70d polyester)
Streamer Tail (2"w x 60'l)
Repair Kit (1 nexus LEF, 1 nexus nock, 1 nexus SRF, 1 nexus ferrule, 1 nexus center-t, repair tape)
Exclusive KHK Color Ways (Choose Spectrum, Flame or Cool)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Chris Schierer
Colorful and fun to fly!

It's a sporty kite with or without the tail. I've flown it in very strong and medium wind conditions and it performs well. I've flown two line kites before, but this is my first in this caliber. I'm going to enjoy it for years to come!

Robert Roschmann
Why this is the BEST Beginner’s Stunt Kite!

So…you want THE answer(s)? Then go to YouTube and view “Zen Sense…Best Beginners Stunt Kite “ for the Ultimate Truth(s) as to why this would be a fantastic 1st Stunt Kite for you, a discerning and intelligent person looking for some honest advice about buying your first Stunt Kite …

…. Really…I wouldn’t kid you…

Excellent KHK kite based on proven Prism design

I am a raw beginner with <1 hr experience in the air. I flew this Nexus in 15-20 mph gusty wind yesterday with 20 ft tube tail. Without the tail, it would have been too much for my level of (in)competence.
KHK customer service is outstanding!! Strongly advise buying from them vs. Amazon (and I am a Prime member) because of this strong differential. I could regale you with all the very useful and helpful things they (especially Kirsten) does to make this a wonderful experience. Sorta like having a trusted advisor/friend helping with your purchase and ensuring very best value for money.
Can't say enough good things about this company, Kitty Hawk Kites!

Wonderful Color Scheme & Excellent extras.

KHK's "cool" color Nexus is the perfect addition to my existing stack of standard color Nexus kites. I took it out in varied 6-18 mph winds and it performed every bit as fast & agile as the other Nexus kites with improved visibility over the standard “blue” scheme thanks to the purple center panels and perfectly matched 60” tail which is longer & wider than the standard ones that are purchased separately. The sleeve bag is just perfect too since it saves a lot of weight and space whilst letting the leading edge stay assembled for quicker setup/storage. A great value for any sport kite beginner to enthusiast.
Of course, the customer support from Kirsten was excellent and shipping timely too. Would definitely purchase kites from Kittyhawk again.

Never under....

Never under estimate working with Kittyhawk kits, either in person or online. Always, unbeatable world class team.

Keep it up gang.

Bill W.

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