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Freestyle Pilot Stunt Kite Instructional DVD



The most definitive instructional kite video ever produced, Freestyle Pilot is an easy-to-follow step-by-step coaching program that trains you from your first basic landings to the most challenging freestyle kite tricks! The Free Style Pilot DVD includes complete lessons for basic to extreme freestyle kite tricks, light wind techniques, the latest radical stunt kite trick combinations and amazing kite flying footage to teach and inspire! 50 min.

*This dvd comes in a cardboard sleeve, no instruction booklet/no hard case

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This is a must have!

If you are new to sport kites like myself then this is a must have DVD. Very detailed and easy to follow. The hard part is remembering what you watched when you get to the park. so I took notes. I worked on the very basics every time I went out. Then worked on two tricks. The next time basics, the first two tricks then one more.
Thanks guys for the DVD.

Excellent Tutorial DVD for stunt Kiting

I was hesitant to get this DVD, especially when the price was $30 plus shipping. When I saw it on this site for $9.99 plus shipping, I immediately ordered it. I had heard that the quality wasn't that good, so when I put it in my Blu-ray player and viewed it on my 60" LED TV , I didn't expect too much. I was totally surprised, because the quality is excellent, and I am a video professional, retired broadcast engineer. Each topic is presented in a methodical manner, and the slow motion segments show the viewer the exact inputs for each trick, starting with the basic ones like the stall. It takes you step by step, through all the tricks, and with the menu, you can quickly go to one of the topics and view it again and again. This is an excellent tutorial for any stunt flyer, and the skill of the flyer in this video, Mark Reed, how is also the CEO of Prism, is amazing.

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