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Rainbow Easy Flyer Kite

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One of the easiest kites to fly, the Super Flier Kite features one-step assembly, a long banner tail and a wide wind range that will make almost any day a great reason to enjoy the fun of flying a kite. Constructed with a durable rip-stop polyester sail and resilient fiberglass frame, this kite is meticulously crafted with expert back-cut "stained glass" applique techniques as seen on much higher priced kites. Super easy to fly and a wide wind range make this kite perfect for beginners. Complete with flying line and winder. Perfect for beach vacation.

Size: 46 x 90"
Wind Range: 5 - 18 mph
Fabric: Polyester
Frame: Fiberglass
Line: Includes 150 ft. of 30# test line & winder

Customer Reviews

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Teresa Clemmo
Rainbow Easy Flyer Kite

I bought this kite for my soon-to-be 5-year old grandson, who loves flying kites with me, his grandmother. Though he is small, his love of the outdoors is wonderful to see - especially when it includes enjoying the simple things in life, like flying a kite, camping out, walking a trail and enjoying the beautiful of our world. I plan on bringing the kite I fly with him, which I bought for his mother (my daughter), when she was 3 or 4. I can't wait for this Saturday. After flying the kites, I'd be more than happy to provide a more detailed review.

Ellen Sylvia
Rainbow Fountain Kite

Beautiful kite! Haven't flown it yet but the service was great and it came very quickly!

sue bell
so colorful!

My granddaughter loves it, just waiting for a break in the weather to take it out!