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Prism Nexus Stunt Kite

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The Prism Nexus Dual Line Stunt kite is a great kite for traveling. The Nexus sport kite's features include collapsible leading edges for easy packing, high grip elastomer connectors, Kevlar reinforced nose and tail, and quick-attach, color coded bridle clips.  The Prism Nexus dual line trick kite is tough enough for the beginner stunt kite pilot! The Prism Nexus stunt kite includes a compact carrying case, line set and wrist straps (Ready-To-Fly).

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Kite Wing Span: 60"
Size in Travel Bag: Approximate Dimensions 30" L x 5" W x 3" H
Wind Range: 4-22 mph
Frame: Carbon and Fiberglass
Fabric: Ripstop Nylon/ Mylar Laminate
Line: Includes 90 lb. x 65ft Test Spectra Line With Winder and Wrist Straps

Carbon frame flies easily in lighter winds
Fast and quick-turning for extra excitement in stronger winds
Kevlar-reinforced nose and flexible fiberglass spine absorb the shock of unplanned landings
Solid pull provides extra feedback for new pilots
Compact, take-it-anywhere package includes Spectra lines, winder, flight straps, and travel case

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My fiance and I bought this yesterday! We had a nice little lesson from the man in the store and then took it out onto the beach. After a few crashes we were able to get it up in the air and start practicing tricks! A fun kite to fly, challenging and exciting!


Bought a Nexus from KHK in Duck in spring of 2007. It flies in light enough wind that I can occasionally fly it at home, but for the most part it goes with me on beach trips. Some pre-storm spring winds on Kiawah Island, SC, in 2014 finally put it down for repairs. I didn't have a radar gun, but when the wind shifted to the side and I didn't correct in time, I'm guessing the kite was travelling 70-80mph when it struck the hardpack sand inverted. A broken wing spar after 7 years is a heck of a lifespan for the original parts on a beginner stunt kite. I recommend Prisms to anyone I run into who is interested in dual line kites.

1st REAL kite

This is my first real kite. Very easy to set up and fly once I read the actual directions printed on the info sheet that came with the kite and also printed on the sturdy storage bag, instead of just haphazardly trying to fly it like I did as a kid, it went up like a charm. Starting it upside down and backwards seemed very odd at first. Easy to turn after getting the hang of it, though it is funny how you get an itchy nose as soon as the kite goes up and you have to fight the urge to scratch or you can quickly loose control of the kite, though I don't believe this is any fault with the kite I use it as a test of my flight training. This was great fun at the beach and back home in MN by far my best souvenir I bought.
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