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EO Atom Box Kite

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The EO Atom Box kite, made by Prism Designs, is the newest and smallest member of the brilliant EO (Expandable Object) series of single-line box kites. Like the others, the EO Atom kite folds flat and pops open ready to fly, no assembly required. The three intersecting planes of the EO Atom kite give it great stability but let you experiment with a wide range of tumbling tricks by slacking the line. The EO Atom kite has a nice feature for the occasional unplanned landing: No matter which way it lands, you can relaunch it instantly from any position just by tugging on the string.

Skill Level: Beginner
Kite Wing Span: 18.5"
Folds flat to: 13.5" W x 19.5" L x 3/8" thick
Wind Range: 5-18 mph
Frame: Pultruded Fiberglass
Fabric: Ripstop Polyester
Kite Line Included: 200 ft of 20 lb dacron line and winder included 

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Awesome Unique Kite

I just received this kite today. So nice & compact, no assembly required. By far this is the easiest kite I have ever flown. When it comes down, just tug on the line & it shoots back up like a rocket! Not once did I ever have to go retrieve the kite to get it back up again. Just tug the line & its up! The wind speed was about 5 to 8 mph & it flew like a champ. The more wind speed, the more actively it flew. Its unique shape most definitely gets attention, too. Other folks in the park stopped dead in their tracks to watch it tumble & dart through the sky. I highly recommend this kite for all ages!!

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