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21ft Reflective Skeleton Kite




The Reflective Skeleton Kite is equipped with Premier's exclusive reflective fabric for nighttime flying fun! Simply aim an ordinary flash light at the kite and watch the fabric reflect the light as if it were glowing.

No bones about it. Spectacular, head-turning and available in two sizes, the Skeleton kite is one of the most stunning aerial wonders Premier has made to date. Designed by master kite designer Daryl Yeh, this "full body" kite is easy to fly in winds from 6 to 17 mph. But when you get them in a breezy sweet spot of about 7 to 8 mph, their hips sway in the sky in a delightful dance!

Size (w x h): 21 ft. x 58 in.
Wind Range: 6 - 14 mph
Fabric: Polyester
Frame: Fiberglass
Packaging: Nylon Bag & cord lock with hang tag
LINE NOT INCLUDED Recommended 150 lb. test

Customer Reviews

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Mind blown!

Wow is this kite awesome!!!!! We just got it and for fun pulled it out, I held up the head which is big as I am! The material is very nice and well made. We took a pic and then another pic with the flash on....holy moly it glowed bright white!!!!!!! Can’t wait to fly this at night and shine a light on it. Thinking about hanging it from our float pole with a light for Halloween-that’s how cool it looks.
We own 3 of the 12ft skeletons and all are great.

Crowd pleaser!

I took this out at night on a windy day with a strobing flash light (much funner than a solid light) and people came across a huge park and over a creek to see it up close. They said it was awesome! I agreed! I love this kite. Get it out there for assembly at dusk so you can still see everything to put it together and be careful when you roll it up that you dont leave anything behind in the dark. If you got those two things covered you will have lots of fun!

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