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New Wright Flyer Airplane Kite is made by HQ Kites and is a flying replica of the Wright Flyer Airplane. A magnificent 3D body gives this uniquely constructed design a realistic flight appearance. It also looks great just hanging from the ceiling. An original design by world renowned kite artist, Joel Scholz.

Skill Level: Beginner (8+)
Wind Range: 8-18 mph
Kite Size: 46" W x 24" L
Frame: Fiberglass
Fabric: Ripstop Polyester
Line: 37 lb x 200 ft polyester line on spool is included, but we recommend purchasing 50 lb line (50lb line is NOT included)

Customer Reviews

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Loved this kite

Because of adverse weather, I have only been able to fly it briefly.

The kite arrived safely to me in the U.K. The packing box was curious in that it was box shaped at one end but flattened out at the other end! The kite itself was nicely folded up in its packaging and slid out easily ready to be assembled. Assembly was not immediately obvious and the minimalist instructions did not help. The long spars were particularly difficult to insert into the wingtip pockets. To add to this problem I had to dismantle the bottom wing spar because I had got the lower fuselage spar mixed up, and I had to dismantle the top wing spar because I had failed to insert it thru the pocket in the centre-section. So I ended up unnecessarily re-doing an already difficult job twice! Proper instructions would have avoided this. I understand that the instructions may have been done in diagrammatic form to avoid language difficulties, but they still could have been pictured a whole lot better.
However the quality of the kite shone through.
I haven't been able to fly it yet because the weather here. hasn't been suitable. I did manage to get it into the air briefly, so at least I know it will fly when conditions are more favourable.

Verdict. Great quality product, friendly and prompt international sale, awful instructions!

Kitty Hawk Replicas Kite

Flew it the day I received it. I really like it as it went up easily with the extra weight line. Assembly was very tight with the wing support. That support took a solid 17 minutes to push into place. I used the end of a paint can opener as a tool to help; perhaps too tight. Up in the air the maiden flight was fun. It lists to the flyers right so I am working with the struts to Balance the flight better. And I love it and look forward to another day on the wings!

Wright Flyer

With about a 5 knot wind the Flyer flew beautifully, but eventually decided to come down about 300 yards away across a large stream. Recovered it with no damage. The placement of the line on the kite is very critical. I spent a lot of time trying to find the right attachment spot. Assembly is not difficult. This kite is a real eyecatcher on the beach.

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