Nic O'Neill Explains How Kites Let Us Soar (Video)

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Nic O'neill on Kites

We are very passionate here at Kitty Hawk Kites in everything we do, from our experiences and memories shared in our outdoor recreation adventures like hang gliding, parasailing, and kayak tours, to our every day in store retail adventures with toys, games, Life is Good, and so much more, but our passion goes deep when it comes to the experiences we have with flying kites and the wonderful experiences we get to hear from our customers and friends in the kiting world.

There is something whimsical, and magical about flying kites, whether you are young or old, flying a little single line kite, or a big power kite, there's a wonderful experience waiting. Nic O’Neill, former president of the American Kitefliers Association hit the nail on the head on how kiting can make us feel, and how easy it is to share that joy with the world, and we wanted to share this video one more time to remind everyone to get outside and fly a kite!

Enjoy the video below!



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