Wills Wing Falcon 3 Hang Glider-145, 170, 195
  • Wills Wing Falcon 3 Hang Glider-145, 170, 195

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Wills Wing Falcon 3 Hang Glider-145, 170,or 195


The Falcon 3 represents a significant design upgrade to what has been the most popular glider in Wills Wing’s history. Since 1994, the Falcon line has been the overwhelming favorite first-purchase glider for new pilots, as well as a very popular choice for more advanced pilots looking for the easiest, most convenient access to soaring available.


With the Falcon 3, soaring potential, ease of use, and convenience have all been enhanced once again.

Wills Wing Falcon 3 Hang Glider 

Features of the Falcon 3
Can be short-packed to under 7 feet (2.1 m) for transport
Quick – attach nose cone enhances performance
Optional Litestream performance control bar can be bolted on with no change to flying wires
Transverse batten extends washout support provided at wingtips, allowing for reduced number of reflex bridle lines and lower cable drag
All main frame tubes are 7075 – T6 drawn seamless tubing for maximum strength to weight ratio
Expanded double surface and improved sail cut yield enhanced aerodynamics
Handling is light and quick, yet remains comfortable and reassuring

Falcon 3 Performance
Less than ten days after the first production Falcon 3’s left the factory, a demo Falcon 3 170 had been flown 205 miles by Davis Straub for a new single surface cross-country world distance record. Davis’ flight is certainly unique, but it speaks to the performance potential of the Falcon 3. With its improved aerodynamics and superb handling, the Falcon 3 provides the easiest access to soaring performance in the widest variety of conditions. For developing pilots, this is a glider that will allow you to have longer flights more often, and as a result will help you improve your flying skills more rapidly. For experienced pilots, the Falcon 3 will remind you of just how simple and how enjoyable soaring flight can be.


Falcon 3 is available in three different Sizes:
The Falcon 3 is in production in four sizes: 145, 170, or 195. The Falcon 3 Tandem is now also the recommended Falcon model for solo pilots who are outside the top of the recommended weight range for the 195. (The Falcon Tandem handles and performs exceptionally well for solo pilots as light as 185 lbs.)


USHPA Membership (United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association) and Hang Gliding Ratings are required to purchase hang gliders and MUST be submitted before orders are processed. Please note hang gliders are considered oversize and additional shipping fees will apply. Please call 252-441-2426 or email bruce@kittyhawk.com  for shipping details, USHPA Membership and Hang Gliding Rating requirements.

Wills Wing Falcon 3 Hang Glider Wills Wing Falcon 3 Hang Glider Wills Wing Falcon 3 Hang Glider



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