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Paddle boarding is new sport which is growing by leaps and bounds.  This cross between surfing and kayaking has become encompasses many different skills including balance, endurance, and strength.  Although many activities can be done using a paddleboard (such as fishing, diving, and windsurfing) three main board types exist.  Race boards are longer and narrower and allow paddlers to travel at increased speeds with minimum drag.  Crossover boards are ideal for all around paddling.  These SUP boards work well both in the surf and in flat water.  SUPs are a good choice for beginners and those who wish to paddle a wide range of water.  Surf specific boards are high performance surfing machines.  These boards come in both shortboard and longboard styles. Planing hull designs are most like typical surfboard shapes.  They use a flat surface and plane above the water.  Rising over waves and chop and gliding over the water.  Displacement hulls are very similar to kayak hull shapes.  They cut through calm water and small chop.  These boards are quick and have great glide but they do not surf as well as planning hulls and they are not ideal for very choppy conditions.


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*Stand Up Paddleboards are considered oversize and are shipped via motor freight for a rate of $99.00-$250.00 per board (some boards may have an additional shipping fee), they are not included in any other shipping offer or method. Please allow at least 2 weeks for delivery.

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