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Kites For Kids

Kitty Hawk Kites has many single line kites for sale. These are great kites for kids and come in many different shapes, colors and sizes. Single line kites are great for kids or beginners and a great way to get into the sport of kite flying, and they are easy to control. Check out our wide selection of Diamond Kites, Delta Kites, Patriotic Kites, Pirate Kites, Animal Kites, Parafoil Kites, Box Kites and More! Single line kites are great if you are young or young at heart! Looking for a kite, then look here.

Kite Designs and Shapes

Our selection includes many delta kites for sale as well as diamond kites for sale, but we also have many other shapes and designs for kids that really allow them to express themselves with patterns, heroes, animals, and airplanes and others they are sure to love.

Kite Line

Many of our single line kites DO NOT INCLUDE KITE LINE, please be sure to add kite line to your order if your kite does not include line!

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