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Introducing...The Rev Reflex

A totally new breakthrough in kite technology design from Revolution!!
The REVOLUTION REFLEX series with ‘Auto-pilot’.
Exclusive only on a Revolution. Dynamic Wing Shaping.

Rev Reflex - A perfect kite for ‘New to Rev’ flyers; with all the ability to take you to our Master Level.

New features of the Rev Reflex:
New, larger sail size, strategically reinforced pattern design, optimized panel lay-out for maximum performance, and a ‘No-fray’ Leading Edge.
Highly custom Reflex framing designed specifically for this sail.
A Free extra shaft is included with each kite.
New Carbon Light handles with multi-knot settings.
Kites will still be packaged with a DVD, and instructions.
All sails have the standard White and Black panels with 4 color options

Package Includes:
Reflex Kite
Reflex kite bag
Carbon Light Handles
1 Free Shaft
90# x 80' Laser Pro Gold Line Set

Revolution Reflex (patented technology) with:
Dynamic Wing Shaping
Amazing Dead Launch
Unbelievable Float
Impressive Light wind flying (0-8), and a huge wind window. In winds over 8 mph, more power, more fun (than 1.5 sail size). Like getting two kites in one Reflex! Super stable - wants to hover (larger sail, bigger wingspan).

New larger size sail 98” length x 33” vertical. Icarex polyester sail, with a no-fray LE and custom end plugs. Strategically reinforced pattern design, with an optimized panel layout for maximum performance and efficient flight. New custom framing (5/16” ID) designed specifically for this sail, and a free shaft is included. New Carbon Light handles with multi-knot settings, and a Reflex set-up and feature highlight DVD. Four color choices - all have the signature white and black panels. Custom Reflex sleeve/bag. Kite-only weight is less than 9 oz.

Revolution Reflex Stunt Kite Specifications:
Skill Level: Beginner
Wind Range: 0-20 MPH
Wing Span: 93 Inches
Frame: 3-wrap


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by riffclown
on 5/28/2016
A Different Animal
Reflex is a different animal indeed. The Springs do change the wing shape and dead launch from face down is almost as easy as a standard reverse launch. The springs did also change some of the responsiveness in the very light wind conditions.. When accelerating a dive in light wind, you have the load the wing with a heavier hand and plan again for loading the wing with the dive stop. It's almost like a delayed reaction. I like the larger size but, dislike that I don't have multiple frame options and interchangeability with the other Revs. This kite does makes a big difference at the edges. Extreme edge of the window, the kite reacted differently than expected. My guess is I was at the point where the springs were trying to make it float but I was still able to give input via the lines.. Not necessarily a bad thing, just one aspect of this wing that I wasn't expecting. This is a very forgiving kite that will make a difference for just about anyone used to four line stunt flying.
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