Prism Snapshot 1.9 Stunt Foil Power Kite
  • Prism Snapshot 1.9 Stunt Foil Power Kite

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Prism 1.9 Snapshot Stunt Foil Power Kite

Looking for a high-octane thrill? The Prism Snapshot 1.9 delivers snappy cornering and arm-stretching power that’s truly remarkable for its size. Its elliptical planform and low-drag foil profile will remain inflated through gusts, tight turns and trick recovery. Our most popular size, It also makes an excellent training wing if you plan to move up to larger kites for buggying or kiteboarding. Comes fully equipped with Spectra lines, winder, flight straps and tail. Hold on tight and get ready to lay tracks in the sand when you take the 1.9 for a spin on a big wind day. Comes ready to fly with Spectra lines pre-attached, flight straps, tail and compact storage pouch.

Smaller than the foils you'd use for buggying or kiteboarding, these wings are the ideal intro to power kiting and dual-line control. They're great for learning the basics because there's nothing to break when you crash, but you'll bring yours everywhere once you get the hang of it because they're just so much fun. Carefully shaped inlets keep the wing from collapsing in gusty wind, a constant problem with lesser designs, and the elliptical planform with a new airfoil profile minimizes drag for awesome speed and acceleration. Complete with Spectra lines already attached, flight straps, winder, and tail, the Snapshot will make a wind junkie out of you on your first breezy day.

Fly Safe! Power kites can easily pull you off your feet in a breeze and the larger sizes could cause serious injury if mishandled. Flying safely is your responsibility, so use common sense when you fly and read all instruction manuals carefully before your first flight. Do not fly near power lines, roads, vehicles, other people, or storms. If you're a beginner, be sure you can safely control your kite in light winds before attempting to fly in stronger winds. Not for children under 13.

Prism 1.9 Snapshot Stunt Foil Power Kite - Orange

Impressive speed and serious pull in stronger winds
Most popular size for average-sized adult pilots
Shaped inlets keep wing from collapsing in gusts and tight turns
Ready to fly with 100' x 300# lines pre-attached, flight straps, winder, and tail
Stuffs into a compact pouch small enough to take anywhere

Snapshot 1.9 Specs:
Skill Level: Beginner - Intermediate
Wing Span: 76" (193 cm)
Sail Area: 16.1 sq ft (1.5 sq m)
Wind Range: 4 - 25 mph (6.5 - 40 kmh)
Speed: Moderate
Pull: Medium
Sail Material: Ripstop Nylon
Flying Lines: 100' x 200 lbs Spectra™ (30.5 m x 136 kg)

Prism 1.9 Snapshot Stunt Foil Power Kite - Storage Bag

Prism 1.9 Snapshot Stunt Foil Power Kite

Prism 1.9 Snapshot Stunt Foil Power Kite




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