NOCQUA 2000 LED SUP/Kayak Light System
  • NOCQUA 2000 LED SUP/Kayak Light System
  • NOCQUA 2000 LED SUP/Kayak Light System

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NOCQUA 2000 LED SUP/Kayak Light System


The NOCQUA 2000 contains everything you need to get started with the most extraordinary night paddling experience you have ever had. The set includes: Two waterproof LED light bars in a track system connected by a proprietary adjustable harness system, one 12V rechargeable water resistant lithium-ion battery, one UL approved 110V battery charger and one “Y” connector so one battery can power both light bars (travel case is NOT included).


Item #1100W

NOCQUA 2000 LED SUP/Kayak Light System
The NOCQUA 2000 LED lighting system, reveals the wonders of being on the water at night in a way that simply cannot be experienced in the daylight hours.  The thrill of being on the water under the stars, the connection with marine life below and a viewing experience like never before!


NOCQUA 2000 is easily adjusted to attach to any SUP, kayak or canoe.  Great for group outings, NOCQUA 2000 provides a unique experience to a casual paddle, paddle for exercise, fishing, studying the environment or collecting photos and video.


Welcome to the world of night time paddling and the wonders of nocturnal water life. Nocqua Adventure Gear by I-Lumenate is a new and unique water sports accessory package that can be attached to any Stand Up Paddle Board, Kayak or Canoe providing battery powered lights to illuminate the water around you for night time paddling and water life viewing.

Use At Your Own Risk
The user/purchaser of these lights assumes all risk, responsibility and liability associated with the use of this product. By making this purchase from Kitty Hawk Kites, the user/purchaser aggrees to accept all risk and responsibility and shall not hold Kitty Hawk Kites responsible or liable for any damage, misuse, violation of local regulations/laws or injury of any kind.

Safety Tips
Operating a vessel or board at night has inherent risks and the user(s) of this equipment should take special care to know your limits, the water conditions and the weather forecast…just as you do in the daylight hours. Make a plan and don’t go out alone. Be sure to follow local boating laws and regulations and always wear a USCG approved PFD. Also, check the time allowing 90 minutes per battery of lighting power. Be mindful of your surroundings and act responsibly. You are going to see some cool stuff and experience the water like never before.


Read and follow all safety and operation instructions.
Check the weather conditions and tide forecast.
Know the area you’re planning to paddle.
Make a plan and invite your friends.
NOCQUA Adventure Gear is not a toy and is not intended for children.
Do not look directly at light bar when powered up.
Light bars are water resistant, not waterproof, up to one meter.
Batteries, DC connectors and I-Touch controls are water resistant, not waterproof. Do not fully submerge.
Prevent debris from entering DC connector plugs.
Do not pull upward on sliding buckle system.
Do not force or pull the strap through sliding buckle system.
Battery power does vary due to temperature and proper charging time.
Be safe and have a great time!




Warranty information:
The warranty card for NOCQUA 2000 LED System is found in the back of the instruction booklet, included with purchase. To register your purchase you may mail the warranty card or online.
NOCQUA Adventure Gear by I-Lumenate has been tested in a rigorous environment. They maintain the strictest controls and standards for our manufacturing process.
Battery is guaranteed for 6 months, LED light bars and other components have a warranty of one year.
The product’s performance is guaranteed under normal usage and wear and tear. Any products that have been de-constructed or dismantled will not be warrantied.

NOCQUA 2000 LED SUP/Kayak Light System


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