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Sand Anchor: You arrive on the beach ready to fly, look around, and there isn't anything in sight to tie off to. What to do?? Simple. Just pull a sand anchor out of your bag. This ingenious Australian design is a square of fabric with straps sewn into it. You dig a hole in the sand, lay the fabric in the hole, fill the sand back in, and then connect your kite to the straps with a carabiner (NOT INCLUDED). Sand Anchors will secure a heavy load when properly used.

Dig a hole in the sand. Make the downwind edge of the hole as steep as possible.

Lay the anchor into the hole with the straps on the bottom side. This way the fabric will bear the load instead of the straps and stitching.

Place the sand back in the hole on top of the anchor. For heavier kites, use plenty of sand. Moistening the sand can also add extra weight.

Gather the straps together and connect them with a knot or carabiner (NOT INCLUDED). Make sure the straps are balanced so the load is distributed across all four. Connect your kite line to a carabiner (NOT INCLUDED).

Test the anchor by pulling on the straps. It should be held in place by the combination of sand (weight) and the shape of the hole (resistance). For larger kites or strong winds, another sand anchor may be necessary. However, if more than two sand anchors are need to hold your kite, you should bring the kite down as the wind may be too heavy to safely fly.

Remember, no anchor is completely safe. Check it frequently - especially if the wind shifts or changes strength. However, if a sand anchor does pull loose, it will probably drag rather than break, which is safer than a freefalling kite or flying hard anchor stakes. Large kites can be dangerous. When you fly them, you accept responsibility for any accidents that may result.

Gomberg Kite Productions,International Inc. and Kitty Hawk Kites assumes no liability for injury or damage.

Special care is required when flying large and heavy pulling kites or ground devices.
Be sure your flying area is clear of people and obstructions.
Be sure you are properly anchored.
Be sure your flying line is sufficient for the load it is carrying.
Be sure you have the ability to retrieve your kite after it is launched.

Contains 1 Sand Anchor (red color), carabiner is NOT INCLUDED

Dimensions: 3'x 3' square


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