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The Original Kite Catcher - holds onto your kite when you don't!

The Kite Catcher features an easy to release plastic buckle, an adjustable strap that allows a comfortable fit for children or adults, and a strong aluminum D-ring clip. It can either be attached loosely around the kite line to allow the flier to let line out or take line in while still keeping the kite safe, or line can be wrapped around the clip several times to prevent more line from going out, essentially “locking” the kite at a certain height. Great for letting children fly their kite themselves without worrying about letting go of the winder or letting out too much line!

Straps and D-Rings will vary in color - colors are chosen at random to fulfill your order.

Kite line and winders are not included!

Strong: High quality strap, stitching, buckles and aluminum D-ring clip can withstand significant pull even from some large adult kites. A great backup in case a sudden gust of wind pulls your kite out of your hands.

Safe: Buckle and D-ring clip allow you to quickly and easily detach from kite line. Plus it keeps your kite safe from flying away!

Secure: Not only can a Kite Catcher save your kite should someone accidentally let go of it, it’s also a great way to secure your kite to a fixed object so you can enjoy doing other things while your kite flies itself*! Simply open the clip and wrap the line around it several times, then buckle the Kite Catcher to a bench, picnic table, fence post, or even your chair or bicycle. There’s no need to hold onto the handle the entire time it’s in the air!

How it Works: First buckle the Kite Catcher around the flier’s wrist and slide the adjuster for a comfortable fit. Next simply clip the aluminum D-ring clip around the kite line, and fly your kite as usual. It doesn’t interfere with letting more line out, or taking line in. But it’s there for you if you get distracted, have to help another flier, or if a gust of wind causes you to lose your grip on the reel. Works on any style handle, reel or winder because it clips around the line itself, and catches the reel if it is released as soon as it starts to fly away. Or simply wrap the line around the inside of the clip several times to “lock” the kite at its desired height. You can relax your grip on the handle, or attach it to a fixed object and let it fly itself!

*as kites are flying objects with potentially dangerous line and materials if they should crash, we do not recommend allowing your kite to be flown unattended - wether you are using this product or not. Pilots assume all risk and liability and while the intention of this item is to prevent the loss of a kite, Kitty Hawk Kites shall not be liable for any loss, damage or negligence.

Please note: this item essentially attaches your body to your kite - users must use good judgement and caution - do not use in high winds, large kites or with kites too large or too much pull for the pilot to handle.


Will my Kite Catcher interfere with the actual flying of my kite?
No. The D-ring clip merely clips around the string, allowing it to easily pass through as you let line out and reel line in. The Kite Catcher is only attached to the line itself if you intentionally attach it to lock the line at a desired length.

Can I use my Kite Catcher in very strong winds?
You can use the Kite Catcher in conditions that it is safe to fly kites in or wind that your kite is rated for (we never recommend flying any kites in winds that exceed 20 mph). They are great for standard single-line kites, however they are not intended to be used with power kites, large kites or lifter kites. You don’t want to be attached to a kite that is designed to lift heavy objects off of the ground or that generate large amounts of pull!

Will my Kite Catcher catch my kite if the line breaks?
No. The Kite Catcher clips around the kite line at the winder or reel, to catch it as it is flying away if it is released. Since kite lines break somewhere in the air between the reel and the kite itself, it cannot catch a kite if the line breaks.

Is my Kite Catcher strong enough to catch larger kites?
Maybe. The Kite Catcher can withstand the pull of larger kites as well as standard and children’s kites. However just as it is not recommended that children fly kites with a large amount of pull, it is also recommended that children not use a Kite Catcher on a kite with a large amount of pull. If it’s safe to fly, it’s safe to use a Kite Catcher with it.

How do I use my Kite Catcher to lock the kite line in place and prevent more line from going out?
Simply open the D-ring clip and wrap the line around the solid side of the clip 5 or 6 times, then close the D-ring clip. Just as these clips can be used to attach line laundry to a kite line, they can be used to keep the line at a desired length and the kite at a desired height. Stronger pulling kites may require a few more wraps.

How do I use my Kite Catcher to attach my kite to a fixed object and let it fly itself?
Adjust the strap so that it is big enough to buckle around the fixed object you would like to attach your kite to, and buckle the strap around the object just as you would around your wrist. Then lock the line in place at the desired height to prevent more line from going out. Stronger pulling kites may require a few more wraps. Now you can take a break, have a bite to eat, just relax and watch, or get another kite in the air!

Can I use my Kite Catcher to help fly my kite?
Yes! By locking the kite line in place, the Kite Catcher will transfer some of the pull of the kite to the fliers entire arm, allowing them to ease their grip on the reel or winder. This results in a more comfortable flight, because you don’t have to hold on very tightly to keep your kite safe and secure!


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