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HQ Mojo Quad Line Stunt Kite

A unique, criss-crossing spar configuration creates a leading edge that is extremely sturdy and absorbs impacts, making the Mojo perfect for first time quad-line flyers.

The Mojo offers full quad-line control and is capable of forward and reverse movement, instantaneous stops, hovers and propeller spins. Removable wind brakes help control speed and provide greater ease of control when learning.

Detaching the wind brakes allows the Mojo to turn and spin extremely fast for a sporty feel that advanced flyers will enjoy.

The Mojo Quad line sport kite is a welcome diversification for pilots who are ready to give something new a try. The Mojo kite guarantees endless fun for those ready to invest some time in learning a new type of flying. Forward and reverse flights, porpeller-like spins and brakes allow for total speed control...

Skill Level: Intermediate (age 14+)
Kite Size: 87" W x 30" H
Sail: Ripstop-Nylon
Frame: Carbon 6mm
includes Dyneema 40kp/90lb., 4x20m/65ft. on quad handles
Wind Range: 4-17mph

WARNING! This kite is not a child's toy...use by children under 14 years of age is prohibited.

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by Douglas
on 10/22/2013
Great kite :-)
wonderful was also my jump to quad kites. I started with a M-80 dual and learned the hard way to check string lenghts. It was the same with the mojo, check the string lengths and knots. Its fun to dance the kite across the water and it will actually let you land it and relaunch from the water. The only problem I have now is time and dead calm days.
by Rob
on 4/21/2013
Great intro to Quad Line
I've been flying HQ Kites 2 line foils for a few years now with the Symphony and Symphony Beach series.. After trying a friend's Rev, I decided it was time to learn a quad line kite. Out of the case, the HQ Mojo is excellent to learn on. Construction seems sturdy and has quite a bit of springiness. Assembly was a bit confusing at first but became intuitive after the first time. The inclusion of removable mesh wind brakes gives a significant tunability to this kite making it excellent for learning. The only shortfall (and not with the kite) is the included string set. After launching into an uncontrolled spin several times, I discovered one of the brake lines was about 3-4 inches longer than the others. The one small issue with the strings is the only thing preventing a 5 star rating. EDIT** Found this video and learned how to equalize the lines.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIbbM3udKFI Updated Kite to 5 stars..
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